US Money Reserve Announces the Launch of its New Website

In a recent news release by PRNewswire via CBC 19 (, US Money Reserve announced that it has launched a new e-commerce website, featuring a catalogue of the rare gold, silver, and platinum coins it has available.

The firm’s site has been completely redesigned in order to provide customers with easily accessible, up-to-the-minute information while still reflecting US Money Reserve’s long-held commitment to providing superior customer service.

The site itself, newly designed under the direction of Ryan Buchanan, features stunning photography and a wealth of information about the coins and precious metals on offer. The site is surprisingly consumer-friendly, welcoming, and easy to use.

Customers are invited to contact a live representative of the US Money Reserve by phone at any time a question arises, or to order a free gold information kit. The Knowledge Center contains a wealth of information detailing the ins and outs of purchasing precious metals, an up-to-the-minute discussion of gold and silver prices, and a gallery of beautiful photos.

There’s even a news center, allowing the client to keep tabs on the behavior of precious metals in the economy at large. The Client-Connect Advantage allows not only personal consultations but also notification about special releases and offline transactions.

There’s plenty of information on the site detailing the US Money Reserve’s generous BuyBack Guarantee, its rapid and insured shipping methods, and much more. Headed by Philip Diehl, former Director of the US Mint, US Money Reserve is one of the world’s most trusted distributors of coins issued in precious metals both by the US and foreign governments. Read more: US Money Reserve Inc. Review – Coin Dealers, Supplies

Although a private firm, the USMR deals especially in gold coins issued by the US Mint and which therefore carry the full backing of the American government (read more: US Money Reserve TV Commercials – For thousands of years, gold and silver have been the most highly sought-after and hoarded metals, and there are plenty of reasons why modern investors would want to diversify their portfolios with holdings in these metals as well.

The global economy has been highly unstable since the financial crisis of 2008. While the US dollar fluctuates in value, other currencies around the world show startling signs for concern. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The migrant crisis in the European Union, the geopolitical instability in the Near East, China’s recent devaluation of its currency and pumping of new credit into its banking instruments, all unsettle the markets and people’s confidence. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

That’s where gold, silver, and platinum come in. They have been called the only true recession-proof assets, as can be seen every time a global crisis or threatened financial disaster causes them to rally.

And now, safeguarding one’s wealth by investing in gold, silver, and platinum has never been easier or more secure than with the US Money Reserve new e-commerce site.