Swiss Startup Factory Partners with CTI Invest

Mike Baur is a businessman who was born and raised in Scotland. Currently, he works as the CEO and co-founder if Swiss Startup Factory, one of the fastest growing accelerator companies in Zurich. Mike Baur started the company several years ago with the help of other partners. Swiss Startup Factory was founded to offer support to upcoming businessmen.


The accelerator company organizes special programs for the digital businessmen. These programs take three months, and they educate the young entrepreneurs in different areas. The company offers financial support, coaching and unique office spaces at the heart of the city. Swiss Startup Factory has good networks from all over the world, and it uses these networks to help the upcoming businessmen. Many businessmen have done well thanks to these networks.


Mike Baur has a lot of expertise in the finance industry. He has worked in the Finance world for almost three decades, and this gives him an upper hand in the market. Under his leadership, Swiss Startup Factory has been very successful. Mike has helped the institution earn a lot of revenue since 2014.


Just recently, Mike Baur and his accelerator company partnered with CTI Invest, a very famous company in the world. According to Mike Baur, the partnership will help both institutions to improve their businesses. Mike has also been given a new position in CTI Invest. He will now be serving as the Vice Managing Director in CTI Invest. Due to his experience in the finance department, Mike is expected to bring many changes in his new position. Some reports also say that he might be the successor of Jean-Pierre, the current Managing Director for CTI Invest. Under the new partnership, Jean-Pierre will serve as the managing partner for Swiss Startup Factory. These positions will strengthen the partnership that exists between the two institutions.


Swiss Startup Factory and CTI Invest will work together in several activities that will improve the lives of the consumer. According to Mike Baur, the two institutions have already started a public website to serve the clients better. The public website is an exclusive platform where people can access podcasts and videos from the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur also says that his company is planning to support CTI Invest in its plans to organize different trainings and events for the clients in the recent future. At the end of the day, both companies want investors to do well in business.