Securus Corrects False Claims Of Global Tel*Link

There are two giant telecommunications companies fighting over a patent right now in federal court. These two companies cannot be any more different and it is obvious who you should be rooting for.


Global Tel*Link is a notoriously bad telephone services provider. This company only services prisons and jails around the country using government contracts to become the sole provider. With a captive customer base, the company runs wild with prices. They hit everybody, including the prisoner and anybody trying to call the prisoner, with a stunning menu of hidden fees. They also charge a prohibitive permanent rate for every phone call. And their telephone service is notoriously bad.


Securus is the kind of company that goes out of its way to provide video chat services to prisoners. In 2016, every inmate across the country should have access to this type of technology. It allows prisoners to connect with the outside world and study show that this connection reduces the risk of the prisoner committing more crimes when released. Securus has the largest customer service call center in the industry and is generally reviewed well.


But Global Tel*Link has taken Securus to federal patent court claiming patent infringement. Unfortunately for the big bad company, the federal court sided with Securus by invalidating 25 of the 27 claims in the lawsuit. To spin the decision positively, Global Tel*Link issued a false press release that was quickly corrected by Securus.


What I find absurd is that this giant $500 million per your company can pick on its competition in court in order to hamper its ability to serve its customers. Global Tel*Link just comes off as a bully that is suing its competition because they have the means to do so. Here’s to hoping that the bully finally loses.