David Osio Making Investing Mobile

The real estate business is a risky one when you don’t have the proper tools to understand the market. It can easily go up and down causing investors frustration when quick moves start to undermine their investments. There are, however, businesses that work to provide investors with the correct information so they can make the correct judgements on what they want to invest in. These businesses supply investors with the quick necessary information so that they can make fast judgement calls on what to do with their investments.

A company that is at the forefront of this idea is Davos Real Estate Group. The company has taken pride in their ability to help customers make the right investing moves in time so they can get positive returns. The company, led by David Osio, makes sure to provide its clients with a diversified portfolio so that there is minimal risk involved in their investments, while also supplying them with multiple credible options. As of late the company has taken its data and made it even more available to its clients through the use of smartphones. Through David Osio’s leadership, the company has put the money forth to develop an app that their clients can access on the go through their phones, allowing clients to look at their portfolio whenever they want.

This new innovation comes with many benefits for customers, by first allowing a whole new way to gain fast information on the market. With this at their fingertips, they are able to make quick decision while on the go. The app also gives customers the ability to enter mortgage information if there is any and the app will relay how this will affect their revenue flow. Additionally, the Davos CAP Calculator allows you to figure out the net income, capitalization rate, and cash flow of your real estate investments. All this combined helps clients to completely understand their investments and what to do with them in the market.

The leader of this project and the company is David Osio, a graduate from Andres Bello in International Banking Law. From there he moved on to start his career as President and CEO of the company OPED Enterprise, which looked over the massive coffee export programs in the market. After success there and in other businesses he decided to branch out and started the successful company Davos Real Estate he runs today.

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Evolution of Smooth Helps Keep Your Lips Kissable

There are many qualities kissable lips have. Shape, size, and color are among them. But smoothness is a factor which stands out above the rest. Even tiny lips can be sensual if they’re smooth and inviting.
Evolution of Smooth has capitalized on this aspect of human physiology. They’ve put together a new line of lip balms contained in enticing colored applicators of a spherical shape. Certainly, “Smooth Sticks” are available–these are the new lip balm formula contained in the old application device. But these aren’t nearly so desirable as the new ball-shaped smooth spheres.

EOS lip balm has created four main lines of their revolutionary new balm. There are Shimmer Smooth Spheres, Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres, Organic Smooth Spheres, and Active Protection Smooth Spheres.

Shimmer Smooth Spheres turn your lips into apparently most, smooth, shimmering delight. It’s not just about health with this balm, it’s also about desirability. Shimmer Smooth should bring the men howling to your door. It’s a great balm to apply at the club.

Visibly Soft Smooth, by contrast, has a reserved elegance about it that silhouettes the vulnerable aspect of femininity and complements it with perpetual beauty.

Next there’s Organic Smooth Spheres. These are designed to keep your lips exceedingly natural in appearance. With Organic Smooth, those who see you will think: my, her lips sure are naturally beautiful!

Last but not least there’s Active Protection Smooth Spheres. These have two angles of primary approach. One, they help protect you against harsh environments which aren’t amenable to sensuous, smooth lips. Two, this formula helps you to have more smooth lips despite your body’s own potential lack of moisture.

Mix and match EOS spheres to find the flavor and kind which best fits your unique beauty. With a cavalcade of flavors available, and multi-packs should you desire, there’s sure to be something which matches your style. EOS products are sold on eBay.

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Swiss Startup Factory Partners with CTI Invest

Mike Baur is a businessman who was born and raised in Scotland. Currently, he works as the CEO and co-founder if Swiss Startup Factory, one of the fastest growing accelerator companies in Zurich. Mike Baur started the company several years ago with the help of other partners. Swiss Startup Factory was founded to offer support to upcoming businessmen.


The accelerator company organizes special programs for the digital businessmen. These programs take three months, and they educate the young entrepreneurs in different areas. The company offers financial support, coaching and unique office spaces at the heart of the city. Swiss Startup Factory has good networks from all over the world, and it uses these networks to help the upcoming businessmen. Many businessmen have done well thanks to these networks.


Mike Baur has a lot of expertise in the finance industry. He has worked in the Finance world for almost three decades, and this gives him an upper hand in the market. Under his leadership, Swiss Startup Factory has been very successful. Mike has helped the institution earn a lot of revenue since 2014.


Just recently, Mike Baur and his accelerator company partnered with CTI Invest, a very famous company in the world. According to Mike Baur, the partnership will help both institutions to improve their businesses. Mike has also been given a new position in CTI Invest. He will now be serving as the Vice Managing Director in CTI Invest. Due to his experience in the finance department, Mike is expected to bring many changes in his new position. Some reports also say that he might be the successor of Jean-Pierre, the current Managing Director for CTI Invest. Under the new partnership, Jean-Pierre will serve as the managing partner for Swiss Startup Factory. These positions will strengthen the partnership that exists between the two institutions.


Swiss Startup Factory and CTI Invest will work together in several activities that will improve the lives of the consumer. According to Mike Baur, the two institutions have already started a public website to serve the clients better. The public website is an exclusive platform where people can access podcasts and videos from the Swiss Startup Factory. Mike Baur also says that his company is planning to support CTI Invest in its plans to organize different trainings and events for the clients in the recent future. At the end of the day, both companies want investors to do well in business.


Desiree Perez Leading Negotiations Between Tidal and Samsung


Tidal, the music streaming service owned by businessman and rapper Jay Z, has been struggling to stay afloat and several companies are looking at the possibility of purchasing the company that is currently running more than $10 million in the negative annually. Originally valued at $250 million, the company is now worth an estimated $100 million.
Tidal, formerly Aspiro, was acquired and renamed Tidal by Jay Z as a way for artists to take the music industry back into their own hands. It was designed to offer artists more money from royalties than other streaming services. Kanye West and Rihanna are among the artists who now have a vested interest in the company. It offers exclusive content from top artists as well as featuring up and coming artists.
Samsung, Google, and Spotify are reportedly interested in either partnerships and/or purchasing the company to help boost their own music services. The company stands to succeed if it can become part of an already successful company that is looking to expand its services to existing customers. Samsung is reportedly in talks with Jay Z, but any details of negotiations are being highly guarded.
At the helm of negotiations is Desiree Perez, Jay Z’s tough negotiator and business associate for over two decades. Perez will continue to be involved in the business transactions between Tidal and any other company that may purchase or partner with Tidal. She also negotiates deals for Roc Nation and Rock Nation Sports and is known in the industry for being a tough negotiator.
Desiree, or Des, Perez has the power and ability to negotiate contracts with many of the top artists in the industry for exclusives and partnerships. She runs SC Enterprises and, with husband “OG” Juan Perez, also runs Roc Nation Sports. She understands how the industry works, and as a number cruncher, is heavily involved in negotiations with such high-profile talent. Her most famous negotiations include Beyoncé’s Formation tour and Rihanna’s deal with Samsung.
Perez and her partners Juan Perez, Jay Brown, TyTy Smith, Chaka Pilgrim, and Jana Fleischman, run Roc Nation and are working to bring Tidal out of the red by making strategic deals with artists to help build its own fan base to compete with industry leaders Apple and Spotify, which have been around for years. Desiree Perez will continue negotiations with Samsung on behalf of Tidal.

A Company Called IAP Worldwide

IAP Worldwide is a company that completes services that are needed in communities that are hardest hit in the world today. They go to remote areas to assist with humanitarian efforts that enable the community to once again begin operating and producing as it should. With all that they can accomplish, IAP has gained the respect of many communities throughout the world, and they are known for their integrity in all areas as they assist with problems that affect them. IAP Worldwide is a leader in its industry because it never shrinks from a problem, and they come up with unique solutions to impossible situations on a timely basis. Known for their expertise, they produce the best results when they are called upon to any area they need to go to.

Making IAP Work

In order for the company to produce the results that it does, there are over 2,000 men and women that work on a continuous basis to keep it running. These people are dedicated to what they do, and they look forward to their duties on a regular basis. When they are called upon to complete their tasks, they do so with great fortitude. There are many reasons why these people are special because they bring with them a unique combination of education and experience. Their expertise in their field is impeccable, and they are able to complete the impossible.

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The Thoughts Of The Company

The company puts these four issues to the forefront. They believe in leadership, ethics and compliance, partners and history. With these four issues, they strive to be the best at what they do on a regular basis, and this has been proven time and time again. When they are rivaled by others in their field, they are respected the world over and are asked to complete the tasks at hand. They will continue to do great works for a long time to come because of their unique and innovative company ethics.

IAP is well respected in what they do, and they have earned the government’s approval. The government has given them over 375 million dollars worth of contracts, and this, in turn, leads to even more respect for the unique company. They continue to do what they do best and lead their industry. The future will bring them many more successes to add to their numerous ones already. They are sought after on a regular basis, and help in so many, numerous ways.

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Making The Hair Transformation

In the hopes of a transformation, one woman puts a highly buzzed about product to the test. Hair products are plentiful on the market but choosing the one that will ultimately give your hair what it needs and make everyday styling easier is hard to come by. Wen hair is a product line that involves cleansing conditioners that are three-in-one. They virtually do it all: cleans, condition and treat the hair, making styling easier and less time consuming.
This young woman decided she would try it out for a week. Starting out with thin, hard to style hair, she had no idea going into this would bring her wonderful results. After the first day, she noticed a difference in volume. Much to her surprise, things only got better! By the end of her week long trial, her hair was not only more voluminous, but it was bouncy, shiny and softer than ever. Her friends on Facebook and family could see a vast difference, and the compliments kept rolling in. Who would have thought that one all-in-one product could do so much? You can see her results on this website: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

Wen was created by Hollywood hairstylist, Chaz Dean, who is a trusted hair professional among celebrities. He came up with the idea of a cleansing conditioner to help reduce styling time and make hair management a whole lot easier. There are several varieties of this cleansing conditioner, for different types of hair. You really can’t go wrong in experimenting with this miracle in a bottle. Chaz Dean went where no other hair care has gone before and for that, we applaud. The product is readily available through retailers online, such as Guthy Renker and Sephora and is quick to arrive once ordered. One can also
Wen hair here: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care.

How NYC Coworking Space Addresses the Changing Society


If there is one thing that co-working spaces are revealing, it is that people are very eager to experience change when it comes to work. One thing that the traditional office and cubicle has given people were walls. A lot of people have found themselves cut off from others in order to get their work done. As a result, people have been found themselves cut off. However, it is not just the office and cubicle culture. Other workplaces that had people scheduled to work for a company have similar issues. The issue is that people often feel cut off from others.

One of the issues that is faced in the workforce is that people are often not working together. However, co-working spaces are collaborative in nature. One must wonder what it is that gets people to work together in a co-working space where multiple businesses are meeting. It could be the environment. Perhaps the one thing that gets people to work together is the fact that they are working jobs that are closer to the work that they desire. As a result, they believe in the work they do to the point that they are fulfilled.

Workville shared office space NYC is one place that has a deep sense of community as people come together from multiple businesses to share different experiences and methods of working which bring people the desired results. Workville is perhaps the one thing that people are looking for that gets them looking forward to work. While there are other forms of workplaces that people go to in order to be productive such as coffee shops, the isolation is still present. However, co-working spaces like Workville offer people the community that they long for. People are tired of walls being up at their workplace.

The irony is that technology has made people lose their sense of connection. However, they are realizing what they have been missing and are working towards getting that back on the workforce. One of the best ways to make friends is by meeting with people who are working towards similar goals. This will deepen the connections and make for a more connected society.

What Sets Doe Deere Apart from the Rest?

Doe Deere is a makeup line owner. She is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, a line of products which is intended for women who want brighter colour options to go with their outfits. Asked why she settled for Lime Crime as the name of her company. Doe says that it was actually the first name which popped in her head when she was in need of a name for her eBay store. Doe started out making tutorials online before starting her own eBay store where she would sew and sell clothes to her clients from all over. The internet made it easy for her to market her goods and get a wider clientele in no time.


When she started her eBay store, it was in 2004. She registered Lime Crime as a brand and decided that the name would stand for colourful shades of colour, as well as a colour revolution. Her favourite colour is bright green and she used it on the website which she created. She maintains that colours help us maintain our fun side and explore more when it comes to adventurous makeup and clothing options. Back then, Doe Deere did not know that lime Crime would be a household name and that she would have many people Google it and search for her products and services. Follow this blog: http://doedeereunicornqueen.tumblr.com/


When asked whether she is happy that her business is based on the internet, she is quick to point out that the internet brings with it both advantages and challenges. The favourite thing which she likes about the platform is that she can easily get her audience’s feedback instantly. She is always keen on making sure that her brand is closely connected or linked to her customer base. She brushes of the negativity which usually comes which such visibility and says that it is just a challenge which she has learned to use to her advantage. Ignoring the hate that is thrown at someone while online is one of the ways in which she gets rid of negative energy and maintains her cool.


Doe Deere is also a believer in hard work. She was recognized as one of the top inspiring women entrepreneurs among other women in the world of business and entrepreneurship. This is an award which she had dreamed of and which boosts her confidence and passion in whatever she does. She hopes that she inspires even more women to be themselves and to embrace their difference and diversity. Read more: https://galoremag.com/lime-crime-creator-doe-deere-colors-haters/


Doe’s Lime Crime is a company which manufactures and sells makeup products ranging from lipsticks to eye liners and other beauty products. They have a website where you can sample their products such as the Unicorn Lipsticks and the Velventines. Most women have embraced the matte and lush colour trends which the company introduced into the beauty market. They have quality products which can be bought directly from their online shop as well as from their suppliers worldwide. Visit their website today and find something special for yourself!


Taking Control of Your Brand Through Online Reputation Management

Steven Pulcinella has become the new chief operating officer of The Link Builders as of July, 29 2016. The company celebrates its five year anniversary with the hiring of a new COO. The serial entrepreneur has been brought on board with the reputation management company due to his direct response marketing expertise. Pulcinella will be leading a company experiencing healthy growth. His experience includes global consultation and launching several startups on the internet. Pulcinella earned a B.S. in Marketing from the University of South Florida and later completed an internship with the Cincinnati Reds. He also has experience working for a leading CPA Network.
Pulcinella has experience selling and launching multi-million dollar domestic and foreign businesses. Throughout this time he became highly specialized in structured data optimization, systematic automation and unique ways on how to Brand Yourself and your business. He is a Bing and Google certified professional who has been positioned by the company to grow it even further. The CEO of the company Nick Cuttonaro has stated that the company’s focus and success depends on delivering results and setting expectations appropriately. Pulcinella’s skills in programmatic media buying and operational skills add value to The Link Builders. The company is greatly looking forward to the progress they will make in the online reputation management industry (http://finance.yahoo.com/news/online-reputation-management-company-builders-124600608.html).

The Link Builders works to provide reputation management services and brand services in a timely manner. They understand if a brand is dealing with a critical or sensitive issue. The Link Builders are especially for companies that want to implement a plan to control their online image. They also specialize in generating buzz for your brand online, which is a large part of reputation management. It’s ideal to create a positive conversation about your brand. Your online image is an asset that needs to be protected. An online reputation management company can suppress or even remove negative or unfavorable information about your brand. If you’re looking to have full control of your brand, it’s important to take a proactive approach and The Link Builders understands that. There are many elements to a successful online reputation strategy and it’s a job that’s better done with assistance.


IAP Worldwide

As a leader in global-scale logistics, facilities management, and advanced professional and technical services, IAP Worldwide excels across the board. Whether it’s through their 175,000 personnel stationed at international military bases or their science and technology which helps customers stay focused on environmental and healthcare missions, IAP Worldwide lives up to their name: ingenuity and purpose. They built and maintained the first space launch complex base in Cape Canaveral, FL. They have been successful in securing consistent military contracts since the nineties, and, by the early 2000s, held $370 million in government service contracts.

They’ve proven their reliability in exceeding market expectations over the years by putting customers’ minds at ease. IAP Worldwide accomplishes this by being fully invested in the missions of their customers, making the goals of their clients one with their own. This kind of commitment can’t be found elsewhere in the industry.

By being prepared for the unexpected, IAP Worldwide can cater to companies on the forefronts of battle or in the face of natural disasters. This kind of service allows their customers to stay flexible in achieving their goals.

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IAP Worldwide Services Inc Panama City FL, 32405

IAP Worldwide is able to accomplish this by selecting the most experienced and dedicated workforce possible. They empower their workforce by giving them an abundance of knowledge and resources which allows their employees to do their job safely and effectively. IAP Worldwide returns this dedication and experience back to their employees by placing a premium on values like camaraderie, equality, cooperation, dedication, and ongoing recognition of a job well done.

This kind of commitment to finding the best employees and promoting healthy workplace values shines through in the way IAP Worldwide conducts business with their customers. No other company in the industry will provide you with the same kind of intellectual curiosity and rigor or workplace integrity and humility. Employees at IAP Worldwide always deal with customers in a kind, swift, and responsible manner by encouraging their employees to provide leadership and follower ship.

Through the acquisition of DRS Technologies, Inc.’s (DRS) Aviation and Logistics business located in Oklahoma City, OK (A&L), and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business (TCNS) located in Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, IAP Worldwide will integrate the talent and capabilities of A&L and TCNS into its long-term growth plans while more than doubling its current market addressable market. The dynamic and systems-based approach that allows IAP Worldwide to operate at the highest efficiency will only continue to grow in the future.

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