Jose Borghi Overtaking The Media Industry

Jose Henrique Borghi is the CEO of Mullen Lowe, a prominent Brazilian advertising agency. Born in Presidente Prudente, Jose Henrique was initially undecided on which career to take on. He graduated in Advertising and Propaganda from PUC-Campinas and began his journey to become one of the most successful advertisers in Brazil. Jose has always been innovative and thrives on meeting all goals his mindsets. Working as an editor for Standart Ogilvy he made visible progress. He opted to start his company despite having no capital and potential investors, with his wild creativity Jose managed to amaze the world with the ideas he innovated.

Jose Henrique has created a market for himself both regionally and internationally. He has worked with the Down Syndrome Association and Honda Company in Brazil. Globally he has worked with Unilever, Delta Lines, American Express and Folha Group. Jose has received credit for creating meaningful campaigns that have a significant impact, for instance, the Mammals of Parmalat. Mullen Lowe also uploaded fun videos of Folha Top of Mind on Instagram that targeted the global audience.

To acknowledge his work the Brazil ad agency has received several awards including Advertising Awards, London Festival Awards, Cannes Lions, New York Festival and the Big Brand Love Award. At the annual Crafting Brand for live awards, the Big Brand Love Award was received by Mullen Lowe Brasil for its film Cif-Cristo Redentor. The co-president of the agency, Jose Henrique acknowledged the collaboration for incorporating the necessary hard work required to bring an outcome that pleased both the client and the agency. The Brazilian advertising agency has rebranded itself after partnering with the Partners to form the Mullen Lowe Group and has already incorporated the name in its New York and London offices. Partnering with Partners will enable José to focus on writing and inventing significant work while his co-president Andre Gomes focuses on management. Learn More.



Meriwether Company was founded to assist entrepreneurs. Since 2004, David Howitt and his team have been offering a business solution to companies. Their aim is to boost fast growth to firms that are either starting up, medium or large. When David began this company, he understood that not all businesses could survive by relying on their knowledge. The business world requires support because no single firm can be successful o its own.

This nobility to help companies motivated him. He created a team and together they have been transforming their clients. Among the services offered are business development, retail portfolio, building brands, sales and marketing, financial advice, health, content creation, manufacturing, expansion, food, and beverage.

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The team consists of professionals from all these fields. This richly experienced team makes sure that every client receives a customized solution for their needs. Since a one-size-fits-all solution does not exist for all customers, each business is handled differently. Attention to each client is paramount, and it is what has made Meriwether Group elevate to international level.

Meriwether Group has branded itself as a mentor to all forms of businesses and entrepreneurs. The company is determined to support their customers until they achieve their objectives. David and his team have managed to have build a good working relationship with their clients. They can rely on Meriwether Group anytime. This excellent performance ought to remain even after Sawyer Howitt takes over.

After David Howitt has retired, he intends to hand over the company’s leadership to his son, Sawyer. Mr. Howitt has been grooming his son for this position, and young Sawyer has acquired the necessary leadership skills. Despite the young age, Sawyer is confident about leading this firm to higher levels. The corporate world is anticipating that Sawyer Howitt will set a good example and propel the company to greater levels.




Brad Reifler gives Financial Hope to Americans

When it comes to financial investment and entrepreneurial leadership skills, one name that stands out at the forefront is that of Mr. Brad Reifler. A graduate of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Main, he is an American serial Entrepreneur who is most recognizable as the founder and chief executive officer at Forefront Capital.

He is also the former founding partner, chairman, and CEO of Pali Capital, which is a globally recognized financial services firm. Before founding Pali Capital, Mr. Reifler was a highly successful trader at Refco. Mr. Reifler’s first business was called Reifler Trading Company and was later acquired by Refco in 2000.

Furthermore, Mr. Brad Reifler also proudly served as Director at Sino Mercury Company, Genesis Securities, Foresight Research Solutions, European American Investment Bank, and Wins Finance Holdings.

According to Bloomberg, what distinguishes Mr. Brad Reifler as a true visionary, is his deep passion and level of confidence in the financial market space and the services he provides his constituents. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

In fact, his work through Forefront Capital has helped touch the lives of countless “ordinary” middle-class Americans, helping them to invest in products typically reserved for the elite 1% of accredited investors.

A fundamental philosophy at Forefront Capital which gives rise to its enormous success is that they recognize the gap between the rich and the poor will continue to widen; and that Wall Street is one of the few enduring financial institutions in the world, that can help ordinary Americans tackle such gross inequalities in wealth.

Hence, Forefront Capital is one of the few financial investment firms that recognizes the fact that Government has repeatedly (throughout the years) failed to improve the lives of so-called “ordinary” Americans. Mr. Brad Reifler knows that relying on charity will not solve inequality issues either and that it only results in perpetuating the problem through dependency.

However, rather than blaming the Government or Wall Street for any perceived failures or shortcoming, Forefront Capital solves the problem for average Americans, by helping Americans make the most of their money, and have access to the same investment strategies that the top elites are fortunate to enjoy.

The Diligence of Entrepreneurs like Doe Deere

Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of work. Therefore, people have to take the time to remember all of the advantages they get from being an entrepreneur. It is a lot better when they get into markets that they are very fascinated with. It can be any type of market. Once they choose their market, they have to figure out all of the steps to success which include building their brand and reaching their audience. Fortunately, the more savvy entrepreneur is aware of all of the methods he can use depending on the market. One of the most recommended methods is social media. Engagement is every bit as important as marketing on platforms like Facebook and Twitter @doedeere.


Doe Deere has figured out the type of industry she wants to work in. Also, given her experience as a successful marketer, she knows how to reach her audience. In her industry of make up, she knows where to look for her audience. She also knows the importance of bringing something unique to the market. She has decided to explore different colors in order to inspire a sense of creativity and art in her audience. She has displayed examples of her make up work to her fans and followers.


Doe Deere has started her business with a message. Her message is that beauty is not something that could be boxed. Real beauty is about exploration and creativity. People are typically unaware of their full potential until they are able to explore themselves and what they are good with. Doe Deere recommends that people take the time to know themselves and learn what works for them. Lime Crime products make it easier for them to figure out their best looks.


The most successful entrepreneurs like Doe Deere are very diligent. They study their market in order to find the best ways to make reach their goals for success. Then they put in a ton of work towards their main objective. At the same time, they are patient because they know that it takes a while for success to come with even their best efforts.


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Litigation Practice In The United States: How To Be Like Karl Heideck

How To Be Like Karl Heideck
How To Be Like Karl Heideck

There are a few prestigious professions but one of the best is law. Many young people study hard in school so that they get into the legal profession. It is not only one of the most challenging careers in the world but also one of the best-paying. In the United States, studying law and practicing it is something most people admire.

When you choose to study and practice law in the US, you must be ready to give it your all. One of the things which you should be aware of is that before you apply to law school, you should enroll for a first degree. Usually, students who get admitted to law school have some of the best grades in the country. Once you get admission, you must pass your bar exams before you can practice law in your state or beyond.

One of the attorneys who you should look up to is Karl Heideck. Karl is an American lawyer whose law practice is in The Greater Philadelphia Area. He studied for his first degree in English and Literature at the Swarthmore University. He also got admission and graduated from the Temple University Law School.

As an attorney, Karl Heideck has achieved a lot. He handles a number of challenging cases including contracts, business law, risk management and compliance. He has also represented clients in family law and bankruptcy cases. He has been one of the most celebrated attorneys who have developed the area of litigation in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

When Karl Heideck is not practicing law and helping clients channel the way forward in relation to their court cases, he is motivating young people who would like to be as successful as he is. He also helps various charities across the state and beyond.

Inmates Telephone Services- Securus Technologies

We are one of the leading jail phone service providers Company in the United States. At Securus Technology we offer civil and criminal justice solutions for public security, investigation, monitoring, and correction. The Chairman of our Group mentioned that once a week our institution has been developing new products to deliver quality services as we assist the correctional facilities to maintain peace in prisons as well as the nation. Our customers have been writing emails and calling to thank our company y for our excellent products and services. Some of the emails are listed below.

  • One of the enterprises in the country expressed their gratitude for obtaining the information they wanted to arrest one of their staff members’ f or supplying smuggled goods products. Our telephone services helped the organization to track the team’s calls for the arrest to be made.
  • Some of our clients also monitored the inmates’ calls, and they were able to get Information regarding the use and the sale of drugs in prison. They were also able to get information from a civilian who was selling prescribed drugs to the prisoners at a discounted price.
  • Securus investigation tools offer opportunity to the correctional facilities staff to investigate in the case of harassment complaints or use of drugs in the correctional facilities.
  • Another happy customer mentioned that they were able to take a suspect to jail with the help of our telephone services.

We are a leading phone provider company with our Headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. We have to deliver quality services to the prisons, with our primary mission being distributing emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, investigation, inmate-self-service, communication, information management, monitoring, and incidence management. Since our organization was created we have been experiencing tremendous growth with now serving more than 34500 correctional facilities across the United States, and more than 1200000 inmates.

Co-Founder Don Ressler Introduces JustFab Brand’s All Size Collections

When Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg established TechStyle Fashion Group seven years ago, the JustFab Brand attracted one million members within four years in business. Between 2013 and 2014, the brand received $125 million in funding for further expansion into Canada, Germany, U.S., U.K., Spain and the Netherlands. TechStyle announced in August 2016 JustFab launched Hashtag FabForAll to expand its fashion line to boarder sizes of their fashionable line collections. Women are being celebrated all around the world of all sizes, ranging from XS through 3X, 24 to 24, and 16W up to 24W. Mr. Ressler believes all women should feel confident in what they wear to enhance their appearance.



Don Ressler found success early in his career as an internet consultant for companies seeking opportunities in online space burgeoning. He raised over $100 million in capital for businesses in the internet industry and generated more than $1 billion in sales revenue. Before establishing TechStyle, Ressler served as Co-CEO of Intelligent Beauty, Inc. and Intermix Media. New Corporation acquired Intermix and its affiliate, in 2005, for an estimated $650 million. Five years later, he co-founded JustFab, Inc, now known as TechStyle and acquired other brands, such as, FabKids and ShoeDazzle.



TechStyle Fashion Group was founded in 2010 as an online subscription membership fashion store. Their collections are available in ten countries, including France, Spain, and Denmark, to name a few. Don Ressler is ecstatic about the Hashtag FabForAll Campaign and pleasing their customers by offering selections of trendy styles in all sizes. He says the new clothing line will be one of the largest apparatuses by the end of 2016. TechStyle presently has over four million devoted VIP members and shipped over 60 million products from all its brands in 2016.




Kim Dao Visits Universal Studios Japan

Kim Dao is not all about makeup and facials; she likes to have fun, too. Many of our American theme parks have foreign versions all over the world including in Japan. Last year, Kim Dao took a trip to Universal Studios Japan to explore the magic of Harry Potter. Kim Dao is promoting the fun people can have traveling to Japan, especially through Odigo travels. She says that the travel bureau has a place to create your profile and include where you would like to travel. Odigo gives reward points.


The first place Kim Dao went to was a magic wand shop like the one Harry Potter went to in the Harry Potter and the Socerer Stone. Kim Dao was able to do many tricks: Ventus, Lumos, Locomotor, Arrestor Momentum, Incendio, Metelojinx, Cistemaperios, and Wingardium Leviosa.


After Kim Dao and her friend Sunny played with their magic wands, they strolled into a candy shop. All the buildings looked like they were from the middle ages when King Arthur lived. The candy shop sold large lollipops, jelly beans, penny candies, and more.


After the trip to the candy shop, Kim Dao and her friend strolled through the medieval village. They sampled some butter beer that is very sweet and has no alcohol. Sunny and Kim went into a restaurant for some Renaissance type food like Shepard’s pie, corn on the cob, chicken, and pork. They strolled through Castlewalk and bought souvenirs like a replica of the owl from Harry Potter.

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Waiakea Improving People lives

In the year 2012 Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea water brand that distributes healthy clean water in many countries all over the world beginning from Hawaiian. The water is consequently purified and also fresh and sustainable; the customers who are provided with water have never been frustrated with the water brand.

The company is recognized to be one of the tops leading among the universe therefore leading to supply water to more than thirty states. According to Specialty Food, the method of the healthy water is sieved first before being filled and distributed via the Waiakea Springs that is full of ironic reserves. The last outcomes make the water so juicy and clean.

The accomplishment of the company has improved the need of water in many countries. The organization has also decided to start a business firm Hawaii to enrich its growth to a lot of countries. Now with the business the organization has increased its profits. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The workers who work in the company have also committed themselves to constantly improving the water brand to the top level. The Waiakea water and Pump Aid they linked together to create a brilliant water project worldwide. As an outcome of this partnership, the pumps have to be situated and developed in Malawi.

Most of the children in Malawi have attained a lot by the fresh pumps which were established there and as well the society too. The pumps have healthy water and the community can easily get the water. Because of the development of the pumps many children attend schools due to the reduction of water-borne disease.

The water which is distributed all over is approximately 500 million liters hence creating better accomplishment. Supplying water is not the main aim of the organization they also make sure that they help those who can’t have enough money to attend school. Therefore these stages have made their establishment with their products mostly the clean water.

Ryan Emmons together with his staff members are certain that they will achieve more because of the partnership with many organizations. The water is healthy and has clean and natural elements that many people like in all over the world.

Brazilian Backed Government Startup Programs Are Helping The Country’s Economic Situation

Chile was the first South American company to launch a government-backed Startup program on LinkedIn. In 2013, Brazil’s government invested $78 million in 100 local and foreign Startups. The government’s goal was to entice foreign and local talent to build tech companies that could create local jobs and cater to the Brazilian consumer market. The government Startup program and investor backed Startups have turned Brazil into fertile ground for international investors. There are more than 4,000 Startup projects in Brazil, and Flavio Maluf, the CEO of the Brazilian building material supply company, Eucatex, thinks more Startups will enter the tech, healthcare, education, and energy sectors of the economy in 2017. Sao Paulo is the hub for many of these new companies. The unemployment rate and the poverty level have felt the positive impact of these Startups, according to Maluf.

Flavio Maluf is one of Brazil’s most innovative CEOs. Maluf guides his family business to the next level by using digital marketing, innovative ad campaigns, and a customer service department that puts Amazon to shame. Eucatex wasn’t always an international superstar. Flavio’s grandfather started the company in 1951, while he was running the family’s Sao Paulo sawmill company. Eucatex had one product back then. Eucalyptus wood ceiling tiles put the company on the business map, and the elder Maluf took advantage of that success. When Flavio joined the company in 1987, after attending New York University, Eucatex was already an international exporter on

When Flavio Maluf became president in 1997, he converted all Eucatex factories to renewable energy users. Flavio also created a land leasing program where eucalyptus trees are allowed to grow under supervision. Eucatex is one of Brazil’s shining stars when it comes to environmental projects and climate change initiatives. Eucatex is a good example of what is possible in Brazil when there is financial backing and strong executive leadership at,veja-com-o-empresario-flavio-maluf-os-melhores-setores-para-empreender-em-2017,70001657806. Maluf is investing in some of the Startups in Brazil. He knows the Internet is changing the business climate in Brazil, and he wants to be part of the change. That’s what Flavio Maluf does. He stays ahead of market changes.