Kim Dao Visits Universal Studios Japan

Kim Dao is not all about makeup and facials; she likes to have fun, too. Many of our American theme parks have foreign versions all over the world including in Japan. Last year, Kim Dao took a trip to Universal Studios Japan to explore the magic of Harry Potter. Kim Dao is promoting the fun people can have traveling to Japan, especially through Odigo travels. She says that the travel bureau has a place to create your profile and include where you would like to travel. Odigo gives reward points.


The first place Kim Dao went to was a magic wand shop like the one Harry Potter went to in the Harry Potter and the Socerer Stone. Kim Dao was able to do many tricks: Ventus, Lumos, Locomotor, Arrestor Momentum, Incendio, Metelojinx, Cistemaperios, and Wingardium Leviosa.


After Kim Dao and her friend Sunny played with their magic wands, they strolled into a candy shop. All the buildings looked like they were from the middle ages when King Arthur lived. The candy shop sold large lollipops, jelly beans, penny candies, and more.


After the trip to the candy shop, Kim Dao and her friend strolled through the medieval village. They sampled some butter beer that is very sweet and has no alcohol. Sunny and Kim went into a restaurant for some Renaissance type food like Shepard’s pie, corn on the cob, chicken, and pork. They strolled through Castlewalk and bought souvenirs like a replica of the owl from Harry Potter.

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