Freedom Pop CEO Explains His Company’s Success

In an recent interview with Mobile World Live, FreedomPop CEO Nicholas Constantinopolous answered a series of questions from host Kavit Majithiwa on why his phone service is the best alternative to the larger companies.

Constantinopolous first announced that more than $50 million has been injected into the FreedomPop infrastructure around the world. This money will be used to explore other partnerships around the world. He also gives explains the reaction his company has received from other providers over his company’s system of allotting free minutes. Constantinopolous says competing service providers were less than charitable in the beginning. It was only after his company was able to prove its worth that attitudes began to change.

FreedomPop’s success, according to Constantinopolous, is utilizing a platform that provides sound marketing. The data is analyzed and the pitch is made to would be subscribers. FreedomPop offers free cell phone minutes every month. The only thing the customer has to do is purchase the phone. If the want or need additional minutes for the month or even more data, they can purchase it at a nominal price.

Expansion to Asia and Central America is on the radar. Some of the larger fish have put a number of offers on the table to purchase Freedom Pop. The company is not interested in selling at this time. Many companies are attempting to duplicate Freedom Pop’s platform without much success. “Everyone is trying to figure our secret sauce,” according to Constantinopolus. Read up on this FreedomPop review

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