Democratic Party Donor George Soros Is Not Giving Up On A True Democracy

Some people say the word is Democracy is dead in the United States. The new term to describe the nature of America’s government is an Oligarchy. A country is an Oligarchy when a small group of people controls the government. The people have no say in how the government functions. It may look like they do, but in the end, the powerful group controls the decision and law making process. Members of the press have accused big corporations and people like the Koch brothers of being in control of what happens in Washington, D.C. and around the country. Lobbyists are one of the most powerful entities in politics. The lobbyists block laws and help enact them without the consent of the people. Congress is the face of this powerful group of wealthy people that call all the shots.

But the recent election proved that the United States is still a Democracy. The people still have a voice, and it was loud and clear. The message the people sent to the Washington elite was a hard pill to swallow for those elected officials. The voters signaled a new order, and the people expect their elected officials to follow that order. Donald Trump, the modern day snake oil salesman, as some people call him, was the man chosen to enact a new order. The country was split down in half because he was elected. People like George Soros, the humanitarian and hedge fund billionaire, believes Trump is not capable of producing a new order in America’s government.

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George Soros is the founders of the Democratic Alliance Donor Club. That club recently met in Washington to discuss the Trump presidency. Trump claims he is going to repeal many of the laws Obama put in place over the last eight years. The Democratic Alliance wants to stop Trump from creating a major economic and political meltdown.

George Soros is a leader in the fight to spread Democracy around the world. George Soros has donated billions of dollars of his own money through his Open Society Foundation to help countries break free from communism and dictatorships. Soros believes in Democracy. He donated $8 million to elect Hillary Clinton because of that belief. George Soros wants nothing to do with an Oligarchy. He is a freedom fighter and a voice for the people. He recently promised to open a $500 million fund that would help migrants start new businesses. George Soros also promised financial support to businesses that helped migrants. Soros advocates open borders. He was very vocal when members of the European Union closed their borders and professed their love of nationalism. Democracy is his first love.

The Hungarian-born Soros knows what a closed government can do. George Soros wants to stop Trump from creating one of those governments. George lived under Nazi rule in the 1940s, but he was able to escape to London and get an education at the London School of Economics. Soros moved to the United States in the 1950s, and he has been a leader in the Democratic movement for more than 50 years. Soros will always fight for a true Democracy through his Open Society Foundation, and his example.

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