David Osio Making Investing Mobile

The real estate business is a risky one when you don’t have the proper tools to understand the market. It can easily go up and down causing investors frustration when quick moves start to undermine their investments. There are, however, businesses that work to provide investors with the correct information so they can make the correct judgements on what they want to invest in. These businesses supply investors with the quick necessary information so that they can make fast judgement calls on what to do with their investments.

A company that is at the forefront of this idea is Davos Real Estate Group. The company has taken pride in their ability to help customers make the right investing moves in time so they can get positive returns. The company, led by David Osio, makes sure to provide its clients with a diversified portfolio so that there is minimal risk involved in their investments, while also supplying them with multiple credible options. As of late the company has taken its data and made it even more available to its clients through the use of smartphones. Through David Osio’s leadership, the company has put the money forth to develop an app that their clients can access on the go through their phones, allowing clients to look at their portfolio whenever they want.

This new innovation comes with many benefits for customers, by first allowing a whole new way to gain fast information on the market. With this at their fingertips, they are able to make quick decision while on the go. The app also gives customers the ability to enter mortgage information if there is any and the app will relay how this will affect their revenue flow. Additionally, the Davos CAP Calculator allows you to figure out the net income, capitalization rate, and cash flow of your real estate investments. All this combined helps clients to completely understand their investments and what to do with them in the market.

The leader of this project and the company is David Osio, a graduate from Andres Bello in International Banking Law. From there he moved on to start his career as President and CEO of the company OPED Enterprise, which looked over the massive coffee export programs in the market. After success there and in other businesses he decided to branch out and started the successful company Davos Real Estate he runs today.

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