The Solution to Wikipedia Success

Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites in the world. An entity’s Wikipedia page plays a key role in their reputation. Getting content approved when you make a Wikipedia page can be challenging as it must abide by Wikipedia’s formatting, referencing and style requirements. Once approved, other challenges can present themselves. Because Wikipedia is open sourced, what happens if someone decides to make edit a Wikipedia page maliciously? Sales could fall and a reputation could suffer.

Take the “Spot the Dog” Wikipedia page, for example. Eric Hill is the author of a successful series of children’s stories called “Spot the Dog”, which caught the attention of the BBC television network who then picked it up and turned it into an animated TV show. In 2010, the Spot the Dog Wikipedia page came under attack by malicious Wikipedia edits. Eric Hill’s name was demoted to a pseudonym and author credit was given to Ernest Hemmingway. Spot, the main character, was depicted as a troubled, cigarette smoking alcoholic. Wikipedia was notified and the edits were corrected, but the page came under similar attacks this year. 

Is Wikipedia worth it?  The site may require Wikipedia revisions and could never accept your submission, though it can be done. Once your submission is accepted and your page is up, you will need to monitor it regularly on your own for malicious editing. The second option is to hire Wikipedia editors from a company to write and monitor the page for you. For example, Get Your Wiki does both. The team of professionals from this Wikipedia writing company take the headache out of submitting and monitoring on your own. Professional writers experienced with Wikipedia’s formatting guarantee swift publication approval. Once published, their team will monitor, in real time, for inaccurate edits. Furthermore, they will translate the page into any language desired to ensure a business or other entity can reap all the benefits of Wikipedia page creation. While some prefer to save money and do it themselves, hiring Wiki writers from a company could save you time, stress and prevent the marketing for the character of your next children’s book series from being libeled into an alcoholic, chain smoking, barfly.