Inmates Telephone Services- Securus Technologies

We are one of the leading jail phone service providers Company in the United States. At Securus Technology we offer civil and criminal justice solutions for public security, investigation, monitoring, and correction. The Chairman of our Group mentioned that once a week our institution has been developing new products to deliver quality services as we assist the correctional facilities to maintain peace in prisons as well as the nation. Our customers have been writing emails and calling to thank our company y for our excellent products and services. Some of the emails are listed below.

  • One of the enterprises in the country expressed their gratitude for obtaining the information they wanted to arrest one of their staff members’ f or supplying smuggled goods products. Our telephone services helped the organization to track the team’s calls for the arrest to be made.
  • Some of our clients also monitored the inmates’ calls, and they were able to get Information regarding the use and the sale of drugs in prison. They were also able to get information from a civilian who was selling prescribed drugs to the prisoners at a discounted price.
  • Securus investigation tools offer opportunity to the correctional facilities staff to investigate in the case of harassment complaints or use of drugs in the correctional facilities.
  • Another happy customer mentioned that they were able to take a suspect to jail with the help of our telephone services.

We are a leading phone provider company with our Headquarters located in Dallas, Texas. We have to deliver quality services to the prisons, with our primary mission being distributing emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, investigation, inmate-self-service, communication, information management, monitoring, and incidence management. Since our organization was created we have been experiencing tremendous growth with now serving more than 34500 correctional facilities across the United States, and more than 1200000 inmates.

How Securus Technologies Helps Towards Keeping Communities Safe and Protected

The program of Securus Technologies has been created to make people’s lives easier in the sense the communications can be conducted without issues and strength. The communications protocols are quite strong and secure, thus making it a wonderful option for strong forms of communication among its users.


The program has been primarily create to give inmates a communications option in which they’re able to video chat with those who are outside of the correctional facilities. If you’re unsure about what exactly the program is, you may want to consider looking at some of the details on its website. You will discover that it’s a BBB accredited site that has also been reviewed and rated quite well.


The program of Securus Technologies is also helpful to law enforcement officials as it has given them a way to uncover crimes that may be ongoing in jail systems, some of which they may have been aware about until the instances of them may have been spoken about in the video chat sessions. Securus Technologies can be monitored by law enforcement agencies and utilized as evidence to begin cases of investigations. Oftentimes, crimes occur in the jail systems in which only the inmates are aware about, or corruption among staff members in the facilities. If such matters are spoken about in the video sessions, law enforcement can save such sessions and proceed with actions that would not only monitor the jails, but also put a stop to the crime(s). This is why Securus Technologies is considered to be a great choice of solutions for any and all people. It helps to keep our communities safe because believe it or not, crimes that often occur in jails can eventually carry over to the civilian side of the world. See what more this program is about today by visiting its website.


Securus Corrects False Claims Of Global Tel*Link

There are two giant telecommunications companies fighting over a patent right now in federal court. These two companies cannot be any more different and it is obvious who you should be rooting for.


Global Tel*Link is a notoriously bad telephone services provider. This company only services prisons and jails around the country using government contracts to become the sole provider. With a captive customer base, the company runs wild with prices. They hit everybody, including the prisoner and anybody trying to call the prisoner, with a stunning menu of hidden fees. They also charge a prohibitive permanent rate for every phone call. And their telephone service is notoriously bad.


Securus is the kind of company that goes out of its way to provide video chat services to prisoners. In 2016, every inmate across the country should have access to this type of technology. It allows prisoners to connect with the outside world and study show that this connection reduces the risk of the prisoner committing more crimes when released. Securus has the largest customer service call center in the industry and is generally reviewed well.


But Global Tel*Link has taken Securus to federal patent court claiming patent infringement. Unfortunately for the big bad company, the federal court sided with Securus by invalidating 25 of the 27 claims in the lawsuit. To spin the decision positively, Global Tel*Link issued a false press release that was quickly corrected by Securus.


What I find absurd is that this giant $500 million per your company can pick on its competition in court in order to hamper its ability to serve its customers. Global Tel*Link just comes off as a bully that is suing its competition because they have the means to do so. Here’s to hoping that the bully finally loses.