Dick Devos Charitable Work

Richard Marvin “Dick Devos” is an American business man and a writer from West Michigan. He is well known for his charitable donations together with his wife, Betsy Devos. He got most of his inspirations from his father, Amway, who once ran for a gubernatorial seat in Michigan in 2006.

Dick and his wife have generously contributed to charitable events through their family foundation. In addition to that, they have also contributed to politics. However, Devos said that their donations are a direct support to the people and not linked to any political agenda as I thought before he clarified. Their lifetime charitable contributions are approximate $139 million. Dick Devos values education which I think is a good sector to support. In 2015 the couple donated $ 3 million to educational activities which accounted for 26% of their total charitable funds.

I agree with his point of view that America does not fulfill dreams according to the current system. Kids who grow up in ZIP codes end up only achieving an education that is enough to complete part of the American dream. In 2013, there was a vast array of schools that benefited from the couple’s donations, most of them were Michigan Schools. Some of the beneficiaries were Dick Devos’ alma mater Northwood University in Midland benefiting with $200,000, Potter’s House with $301,000, West Michigan Aviation Academy with $315,000, among others.

Dick Devos and his wife launched the first aviation based charter school in the country at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Moreover, they donated $315,000 to their school West Michigan Aviation Academy used in purchasing the school’s first plane. The couple being patrons of the school, they were happy with last year’s graduating class which had fifteen licensed pilots from the school.

Most middle-class students travel for hours from seven different counties to the school to acquire knowledge on aeronautical engineering and robotics. I might consider the school with their knowledgeable training for my kids from their results. Devos insists that in addition to the children’ education, the society needs to see their effects in their lives, their opinions about the world, the attitude they possess and the comfort. From my understanding, these values support our kids’ education.

Moreover, apart from education, Dick Devos has an interest in Arts & Culture. In 2015, the foundation donated $ 2.4 million which was 21% of their total charitable funds to the Art $ Culture industry. Other donations are 16 %to the community, 13% of leadership and development, 12% to public policy, 5% of health services and 4% to churches. Dick DeVos inspires me to impact the society positively.


A Prankster Caught Red-handed as He Try to Infiltrate George Soros’ Open Society Foundation

There was a sign of a scandal and a little craziness I would say at the offices of Open Society Foundation, an international organization established by the billionaire businessman, George Soros. Few can tell the reason behind the infiltration that appeared on the news as reported by Rawstory.

The man behind the infiltration was none other but the infamous conservative activist, James O’Keefe. This gentleman is known for his undercover stints that most of the times explode right back at him. This is exactly what happened. O’Keefe had disguised himself by the name of ‘Victor Kesh’ and was trying to reach unto Open Society Foundation through the firm’s office phone line. After his attempt seemed imminent, he was directed to voicemail where he was overheard speaking to a different person in what seemed to be a meeting.

After being overheard telling someone not to talk until he hung up, the prankster forgot to hung up the phone for some strange reasons only known to himself. He then began dissecting the plan he had in mind to infiltrate OSF, explaining the detail to someone in some kind of a meeting. In an ongoing conversation, he explained how ‘they’ needed someone inside the organization (OSF) to make a hundred such phone calls, question executive members and employee of the company to find out the embarrassing activities that the company kept as a secret.
Read te full article at http://www.rawstory.com/2016/05/busted-conservative-prankster-james-okeefe-exposes-his-own-sting-on-george-soros-group/

About George Soros

George Soros was a refuge from Hungary. He fled to United Kingdom during the Nazi Occupation Wars of Hungary (World War II). This was while he was at a teenage of 13 years. After settling in London, began gruesome labor in British train yards.

When the British train yards were completed, George Soros was employed as a server in restaurant. The knowledge he had acquired while at the London School of Economics was the only hope for his future and luckily led him to becoming the person he is today.

Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management, a hedge fund that manages his wealth today. George Soros is among the 30 richest people in the world and a committed supporter of liberal political leaders.

About Open Society Foundation

Open Society Foundation is a network of partners, foundations and projects in approximately 100 countries across the world. The organization is concerned with creating an open society where no one have the monopoly of the truth, the government is accountable and the rights of humanity are all respected.
Visit this site at http://topics.wsj.com/person/S/george-soros/209

Dick Devos on Volpe capturing the top position in Melges 32

Apart from the raving wind that called for discrete navigation, 2016 Melges 32 Gold Cup competition that was hosted by Lauderdale Yacht Club was eventful. The competition was intensified by the addition of three more races. Three races resulted into a major shakedown with Volpe and Dick DeVos as the captain capturing the top position with a single point ahead of current world champion Alessandro Rombelli on STIG. Ben Schwartz, the captain of Pisces, governed the third position, and the fourth position went to Richard Goransson on Inga. The top five was completed by Rick Devos on Delta.


The biggest story in the headlines of newspapers was a high influx of youth sailors courtesy of Lauderdale Yacht Club Sailing Foundation. Every Melges 32 carried a junior sailor on board, enabling them to share experience and thrill of sailing against world best sailors. The top trophies for the best youth effort at Melges 32 went to Denver Rozzo and Michael Moss.


Other than being a champion sailor, in West Michigan, the Devos name is at the pinnacle of social clout. According to Forbes, through the family foundation, the family gave $94 million to charity work in 2014. This ranked the family 2oth among the top 50 givers. In 2013, the family had donated approximately $90 million with 13% going to faith based organizations and churches, 12 % to art and culture, and 27% going into community services and health care. 48% went into education sector this demonstrate Rick Devos commitment to improving education.


Dick Devos is the face of a family man, along with his wife Betsy they established Dick and Betsy Family Foundation back in 1989. The foundation is renowned for kick starting community projects and mainly focuses on community revitalization, public health, and education matters particularly the improvement of schools. In the past, the foundation donated heavily to Christian organization, which manages the secondary and elementary school in the state. Besides, the Foundation is renowned for its substantial donations to Education Freedom Fund, an organization that gives scholarships to disadvantaged children from low-income families to join private schools.


Dick Devos is the son of Richard and Helen Devos, and he is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in different ventures during his corporate career. He headed Amway for ten years where he was in charge of the company operations in about 50 countries. While in Amway, he was acknowledged as a transformative leader who significantly improved the company’s sales.