Cotemar Mexico and the Mexican Energy Industry

When energy companies are in the sea trying to bring oil above ground ad boost the economy of Mexico, they need all the support that they can get. They will need to be supplied with essentials such as food, cleaning services and accommodation. They also need a transportation service to take their employees to and fro the rigs. Cotemar Mexico respects this need and has therefore developed a channel to help their clients get all they need while they concentrate on their core services.



Cotemar Mexico was inaugurated in the year 1979. For over three decades now, they have been providing the energy industry with various services including accommodation and transportation. Cotemar services are specific for companies operating in Mexican waters.


In the year 1979, Cotemar was established, only dealing with the delivery of two services including accommodation and food. With the years, they expanded to accommodate a larger fleet of vessels to meet the ever increasing needs of their customers. 17 years later, their first big breakthrough was witnessed. That year the company had some big changes where they acquired specialized vessels. As the years go by, Cotemar keeps on advancing. Today, they offer the following services;



Food and Lodging

Cotemar owns over 40 vessels that offer food and accommodation services. These vessels are designed to have cabins that can accommodate two to four persons. The vessels have common areas, TV rooms, gyms, cinemas and basketball courts. They offer laundry and cleaning services and offer great food quality on board. For offshore services, they have an offshore lodging can accommodate up to 4,000 people.


Engineering Works

Cotemar also specializes in construction and maintenance works. They operate heavy vessels that can accommodate heavy equipment such as cranes. This helps them when they are repairing decks and storage of other vessels.


Specialized Vessels

Cotemar Mexico owns a fleet of specialized vessels. These vessels are used for various purposes. Some are specialized for firefighting. Others are specialized to process and transport oil and oil products. In this case, they have vessels that transport purely liquid and purely solid oil products.

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