How Adam Milstein Has Managed to Remain Successful as a Real Estate Investor

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor with decades of experience. He was featured in an interview that appeared on Ideamensch and gave a lot of advice from the experience that he had accumulated. He starts out by stating that he started Hager Pacific when he noticed that companies that conducted recruitment drives at his alma mater did not appreciate his skills and experience. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

They also offered him less than what other graduates were making. That is why he decided to venture out on his own. Milstein became a real estate broker for three years and then became a real estate investor.

Milstein said that he brings ideas to life by pushing and pushing until they become a reality. He also does most of the things that he wants to get done by himself. Milstein makes sure that he does not miss any details. He credits being consistent, persistent, and following up as the reasons for his high productivity and high performance after many years in the sector.

The fact that real estate is always a changing industry excites because supply can be high at one time and then it drops after a few years. He says that this is the reason why it takes a long time to see good results when you are in the real estate business.

Adam Milstein advises everyone to work on the problems they have by themselves. According to Jewish Journal, Adam Milstein attributes the success of his business to not setting goals that are too specific because they have proved to be limiting in the past. He does the best he can by working hard and not letting criticism bring him down. He recommends a book by Dana Perino called “And the Good News Is …” that teaches how to change your perspective on mishaps that befall you.

Milstein was born in Israel and attended Technion. This is one of the top universities there. He moved to the US in 1981 to study and became a broker in real estate after completing school. Milstein is one of the managing partners at Hager Pacific Properties which invests in commercial real estate today. He is an active philanthropist. He has supported many charities through a foundation he started with his wife.