Making The Hair Transformation

In the hopes of a transformation, one woman puts a highly buzzed about product to the test. Hair products are plentiful on the market but choosing the one that will ultimately give your hair what it needs and make everyday styling easier is hard to come by. Wen hair is a product line that involves cleansing conditioners that are three-in-one. They virtually do it all: cleans, condition and treat the hair, making styling easier and less time consuming.
This young woman decided she would try it out for a week. Starting out with thin, hard to style hair, she had no idea going into this would bring her wonderful results. After the first day, she noticed a difference in volume. Much to her surprise, things only got better! By the end of her week long trial, her hair was not only more voluminous, but it was bouncy, shiny and softer than ever. Her friends on Facebook and family could see a vast difference, and the compliments kept rolling in. Who would have thought that one all-in-one product could do so much? You can see her results on this website:

Wen was created by Hollywood hairstylist, Chaz Dean, who is a trusted hair professional among celebrities. He came up with the idea of a cleansing conditioner to help reduce styling time and make hair management a whole lot easier. There are several varieties of this cleansing conditioner, for different types of hair. You really can’t go wrong in experimenting with this miracle in a bottle. Chaz Dean went where no other hair care has gone before and for that, we applaud. The product is readily available through retailers online, such as Guthy Renker and Sephora and is quick to arrive once ordered. One can also
Wen hair here:

Wen By Chaz Dean, for Beautiful Hair

Some women really luck out in the hair department, if the facebook ads on are any indication. I’ve seen plenty of ads that show a carefree gal with a glossy, fluffy head of hair running about joyously, as she flounces her incredible head of hair around.
They haven’t been putting my flat, oily hair on any television commercials lately, but i think there is still hope. I decided to try out a new shampoo and conditioning product I’d been hearing about, called Wen by Chaz Dean.

This product line was developed by Dean after he noticed many of the clients in his salon were in need of a haircare system that would really cleanse their hair without being harsh. The Sephora sold hair care kit is all natural, and the shampoo and conditioning products smell fantastic.

I used the Sweet Almond Mint product on my hair, though there are other types, including Mandarin Italian Fig, Lavender and Tea Tree to choose from.

A large amount of WEN is recommended for use (about a palm full) and it is recommended that you wash your hair frequently. I have to say I saw results quickly. My hair felt lighter and fluffier and easier to manage with a couple of days.

Within another day my hair was definitely shinier and had more volume. Friends commented on how great my hair looked, and I have to say, I was thrilled. I haven’t heard from any television producers yet, but there’s still time. When they do come, my hair will be camera ready.

Before/After results on the product can be found on