Bridget is a creative producer and a writer with the affinity for developing and compelling contents that extends across platforms. Both intellectually and emotionally, her projects resonate with the large audience. She is a seasoned executive producer with over 15 years of experience in production, advertising television and animation. Bridget has always been responsible for overseeing the creative development and technical production output of teams in different productions like entertainment, children’s animation, lifestyle, factual entertainment, programming and spanning drama.


She’s currently heading up the content development and partnerships at Colibri studios, and she is involved with daily project development. Scarr works with international broadcasters, creative talent and project partners to bring projects to life. Apart from all this, she does other things as working on her first novel “A FANTASY EPIC” and her first album when she is not in TV project.


Bridget loves the content in all forms and believes that creativity has the power to change mindsets and the changing world we live in immediately. Creativity has saved Bridget together with her partner and son which has given them space for fun and also has pulled them out of deep depths of despair as well as providing them space for fun and new sort of freedom of expression.


Having lost everything, she felt broken and bitter, but she could not lose hope in finding her creative voice and reconnecting with her soul as well as passion and love for music, creative life, and books. Her day starts and ends with meditation which helps her feel relaxed, energized and focused. She takes a light breakfast with family and heads to work. Her way of bringing ideas to life depends on the project and initial inspiration.


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The stories she concentrates on are of real people from different backgrounds, communities, and cultures that make the history relatable and diverse. In her work, she looks on how technology enables the reality of users. Bridget also tries to nurture her creative spirit. To remember what is important, she takes time out to laugh and play with her son. Her son is the source of inspiration and re-energizes her soul keeping her feel lively. Scarr hopes to show gratitude someday to those who helped her out either financially during the time of stress. The loss experience renewed her faith in humanity. She recommends a book to be read by her community that goes by the name: “Destressifying.”