The Luxurious, Residential Apartments of the Quincy

The Quincy is popularly known as the most luxurious and the newest apartment community available in New Brunswick. Its suitable location together with its luxurious features has enabled the Quincy to stay on top of the market. Whether someone is looking for luxury or excellence regarding amenities, The Quincy is what they need as it caters for all their requirements.


Special amenities available in The Quincy


The Quincy has a fully equipped fitness center containing the top notch TRX equipment. For Yoga lovers, there is a Yoga studio, and for pet keepers, there is a dog park containing doggie gym and a pet spa. There is another huge room set aside for bike lovers. This place is special as The Quincy bike-sharing program is part and parcel of it.

Other special amenities include entertainment and media room, club rooms, coffee bars and grilling stations. The rooftop contains a large swimming pool open for the residents of The Quincy. All residents owning vehicles have allocated parking spaces in the garage which are directly accessible plus other storage options.


The Quincy’s Suitable location


The Quincy apartments are located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It is accessible on the corner of New Street and Neilson immediately one is off Route eighteen. The Quincy’s location is such that it allows its residents to access all the city’s major attractions quickly. There are also shops, restaurants, and other hangout places the residents can easily access.


Different type of apartments available in The Quincy


The Quincy has a wide variety of apartments to cater for the various needs of its residents. There are three hundred and ninety-three units in total. There are three floor plans, namely the studio, one bedroom and two bedrooms. The prices vary depending on the type of apartment leased. Roughly, their prices range from one thousand eight hundred US dollars to three thousand, one hundred and thirty US dollars.


Controversies surrounding The Quincy apartments


Just like many other apartments in New Jersey, The Quincy has its fair of troubles. Due to the complex nature of its construction, different types of crimes have occurred, ranging from petty ones to serious offenses.


On May 13, 2013, a man was arraigned in a court of justice and was found guilty as charged for robbing a pizza man in The Quincy. The crime incident had occurred the previous year whereby the pizza man had been robbed at a gunpoint while delivering a pizza.


Another major incident was a shooting that took place on 7th October 2015 leaving one person injured. The local police investigated the incident.