The Ingredients in WEN by Chaz Help Nourish Damaged Hair

A young woman created an online article out of the data she kept while using a new hair care product. The product was WEN hair [see,] by Chaz and the article she wrote was posted on Bustle. The information she wrote about the cleansing conditioner, included how her hair looked and felt after each time she used Wen hair. In the beginning she talks about how she noticed her hair felt thicker while working the product into her hair for the very first time. She also discloses how she wanted to see if WEN would in fact perform the way it does in the advertising she had seen. In conclusion she states how WEN did add make her hair more manageable, while also adding body and shine.

A Product to Rescue Damaged Hair

WEN’s creator Chaz Dean, had worked for a time as a photographer so he understood the need people have to look good. He also worked as a professional hair stylist in an upscale Bel Air salon, where he was able to see the types of problems people had with their hair. Upon acquiring the salon as his own, Mr. Dean set out to create an advanced cleansing system that would restore and repair damaged hair. He sells his products on

WEN cleansing conditioner was designed to replace the most common hair care products used to create healthy looking hair. It combines the cleansing elements of a shampoo with the restorative properties of a conditioner. Mr. Dean was able to accomplish this by using the natural extracts from several different plants. To ensure the product would be able to address the different problems people had with their hair, he created different varieties. Sephora sells each variety, composed of a special blend of ingredients to help nourish the hair while also resolving problems with dry, dull, greasy and unruly hair.