The Success of Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is a prominent individual within the mountain resort and hotel industry who has dedicated his life to combine both nature as well as luxury for the purpose of showing the world the beauty of protecting that which is considered to be precious to humanity.

Andy Wirth, with almost three decades of experience within the mountain resort industry has recently been appointment as chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This new appointment is a result of his excellent results with the Squaw Valley Ski Resort which is a beautiful resort in Northern California that is currently lead by Mr. Wirth.

Mr. Andy Wirth was honored with this position as he has proven himself to be capable to bring in more tourists than ever into the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. Not only will this new position be beneficial for the resort, but will also be beneficial for all the nearby businesses and towns.

Andy Wirth earned the position to lead the Squaw Valley Ski Resort after the ski resort had been passed down for over 70 years among individuals in the Cushing family. The CEO prior to Mr. Wirth was Nancy Cushing who recognized Mr. Wirth’s ability to lead the company and to bring the resort out of the hole of debt. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

As a result of this new position, Andy Wirth has been able to turn the entire resort around to not only profit during all seasons of the year, but to also emphasize the importance of natural beauty and preserving the serenity.

As the CEO and the President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Mr. Wirth has dedicated his entire career to not only increasing the revenue, but to also improving the overall experience of the consumer. Visitors who come to this resort at all times of the year can experience different activities that show off the beauty of Northern California.

With skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer, there is no short of activities within this resort. Andy Wirth will continue to dedicate his time and efforts to improving the resort even more throughout his career.

Andy Wirth’s Plans After Attempt To Incorporate Olympic Valley Fails

The north shore communities of Lake Tahoe have had a difficult time over the last few years. Winter resorts were affected by the epic drought and as a result, small businesses that rely on the resorts were also affected. Additionally, apart from the natural challenge, the communities had a political challenge to deal with. An incorporation battle existed over the Olympic Valley that hosts the Squaw Valley Resort and several other popular winter sports terrain in North America.

Despite of the challenges, there was relieve for the two concerns. Andy Wirth the CEO and president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings pointed out that the past four years had been tough. However, this season, the Squaw Valley as well as other Lake Tahoe resorts opened weeks earlier as compared to the last decade. That was made possible by early season storms, which combined with cold temperatures.

Additionally, Supporters of the incorporation endeavor that Wirth regarded as a threat to the region’s civic climate and business offered a political relief. They officially withdrew from their attempt to incorporate Olympic Valley. Squaw Valley intends to enhance its real estate via more commercial and residential development. Plans are also underway for a gondola, which will connect Squaw Valley with the Alpine Meadows Ski areas.

According to Fred Ilfield, a pro incorporation organizer, Ski holdings spent a lot of money to oppose the incorporation. That is because they did not want the future town council to make decisions on land use. Instead, they are relying on influencing Placer County supervisors. Wirth rejected this view. He noted that the incorporation group also spent so much money in their drive.

However, the money spent did not overcome the decision by the Local Agency Formation Commission. It determined that the new town would not be financially feasible. Wirth noted that he wants the community to work cohesively.

That is on transportation and other matters now that the incorporation effort has been thwarted. He added that the issue had been divisive and he hoped that they will view it as an opportunity for healing. This information was published via the Reno-Gazette Journal as found through this link: Squaw-Alpine boss looks to turn page on ‘divisive’ fight

About Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is the chief executive officer of Olympic Valley based Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. As the head of the resort, Wirth has worked determinedly to make the ski are a leading tourist attraction. He is also a contributor to Lake Tahoe’s community service along with environmental organizations. Wirth focuses on improving the region. He established the Wounded Warrior Support, an Ironman team after a skydiving accident that nearly took his life. The team honors excellent men of the Navy SEALs by raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation. This information was originally posted on as detailed in this link