How Greg Secker is Debunking Forex Trading

Forex is the foreign exchange market. It is where international currencies are exchanged. The markets are live all round the clock on weekdays. The forex market does not have a centralized exchange point like the stock market. One does not need to be tech-savvy to start trading despite the fact that it is characterized by a lot of trading. The basic premise of the forex market is that you should make trades by considering the value of a certain currency in relation to another. You ideally consider whether it will rise or fall in value.

The time is ripe to invest in forex markets because there is a lot of turmoil going on in the world right now. This means that the global economy is unpredictable because of instability. Wage growth continues to stagnate, and inflation rates are on the rise. Many people think that only those who have certain innate talents should trade on the forex market. This is not the truth. One still has to learn a few things to get started. One of the benefits of the forex market is that it is traded entirely over the internet. This means that there are different types of software that you can choose from to help you get things done. Forex trading has many advantages. It is easy to start, and it can be done from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, a speaker, and a forex trader. He is the founder of the Knowledge to Action Group that operates several subsidiaries including SmartCharts Software, Learn to Trade, and Capital Index. Knowledge to Action was a finalist at the London Excellence Awards in 2009. Learn to Trade is one of the recognized brands that provides education in the stock market and foreign exchange. Secker is an avid philanthropist. This led him to start the Greg Secker Foundation. He was named as one of the most influential social entrepreneurs and philanthropists earlier this year. He was a finalist at the National CSR Awards in the Outstanding Individual category.


Dick Devos Charitable Work

Richard Marvin “Dick Devos” is an American business man and a writer from West Michigan. He is well known for his charitable donations together with his wife, Betsy Devos. He got most of his inspirations from his father, Amway, who once ran for a gubernatorial seat in Michigan in 2006.

Dick and his wife have generously contributed to charitable events through their family foundation. In addition to that, they have also contributed to politics. However, Devos said that their donations are a direct support to the people and not linked to any political agenda as I thought before he clarified. Their lifetime charitable contributions are approximate $139 million. Dick Devos values education which I think is a good sector to support. In 2015 the couple donated $ 3 million to educational activities which accounted for 26% of their total charitable funds.

I agree with his point of view that America does not fulfill dreams according to the current system. Kids who grow up in ZIP codes end up only achieving an education that is enough to complete part of the American dream. In 2013, there was a vast array of schools that benefited from the couple’s donations, most of them were Michigan Schools. Some of the beneficiaries were Dick Devos’ alma mater Northwood University in Midland benefiting with $200,000, Potter’s House with $301,000, West Michigan Aviation Academy with $315,000, among others.

Dick Devos and his wife launched the first aviation based charter school in the country at Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Moreover, they donated $315,000 to their school West Michigan Aviation Academy used in purchasing the school’s first plane. The couple being patrons of the school, they were happy with last year’s graduating class which had fifteen licensed pilots from the school.

Most middle-class students travel for hours from seven different counties to the school to acquire knowledge on aeronautical engineering and robotics. I might consider the school with their knowledgeable training for my kids from their results. Devos insists that in addition to the children’ education, the society needs to see their effects in their lives, their opinions about the world, the attitude they possess and the comfort. From my understanding, these values support our kids’ education.

Moreover, apart from education, Dick Devos has an interest in Arts & Culture. In 2015, the foundation donated $ 2.4 million which was 21% of their total charitable funds to the Art $ Culture industry. Other donations are 16 %to the community, 13% of leadership and development, 12% to public policy, 5% of health services and 4% to churches. Dick DeVos inspires me to impact the society positively.


Buying Pet Food at Walmart for Dogs

Many owners have a lot of love for their dogs. This is one of the reasons that they want to make sure that their dogs are getting the best types of foods. While some owners may just get the cheapest generic food that they can find at Walmart, there are those that actually have a deep love for their dogs. Therefore, they want to make sure that the food they are getting is highly nutritious so that they can function. This is one of the reasons that they look up all of the different types of dog food brands so that they can find the most nutritious ones.

Fortunately, there is Beneful from Purina. One of the reasons that Beneful is one of the best types of dog food is that a lot of care has been put into making the food. For one thing, the creators of the product have observed the behaviors of dogs. Often times, dogs want to eat the food that their masters eat. At the same time, the types of food that have been created for dogs tend to be very deficient when it comes to nutrition. Also, even though the packages list the ingredients used, they can’t be seen.

However, Beneful Puppy Food takes the time to make sure that each food is carefully prepared so that dogs can get the best type of nutrition possible. There are tons of different foods that Beneful offers. They each offer great taste to dogs. At the same time, the health of dogs improve with the consumption of this product. Therefore, dogs will enjoy the health benefits that come with Beneful. Aside from Walmart, people can order Beneful online and gain access to tons of variety that is not available at offline stores. This allows people to enjoy many options. Click here to watch video.

Roc Nation and Desiree Perez’s Next Phase

With the ten year deal with Live Nation coming to an end, Jay Z is looking for other big companies in the entertainment industry to take up stake in his record label, the Roc Nation. The one hundred and fifty million dollars deal that is expected to come to an end in 2018 will not be renewed. However, either of the party is expected to sell their stake at Roc Nation or buy the outright of the company. Live Nation is planning to continue touring gigs with the high-profile rapper but wants out of the recorded music side as it is no longer in the business of buying recorded music.  More to read on

Roc Nation’s future

Roc Nation has signed big names in the music industry including Jay himself, Rihanna, Fat Joe, Shakira and Meek Mill. With such great names, it will not be hard to land a huge company. Universal Music Group has been speculated to have the intention to buy a stake in the record label. A meeting Jay with his top executive at Roc Nation Desiree Perez had with Sir Lucian Grainge, the chairman, and CEO of UMG was seen to be an indicator of the company’s intention for Roc Nation. In case they strike a deal, Jay Z will get the resources necessary to sign in new artists and boost his business. However, according to an insider, UMG already has a distribution deal with the rapper’s company.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez is the Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nations and a trusted associate of Jay z To read tweets from Dez, visit twitter@desireeperez01/   She plays a significant role at Roc Nation as she is part the team that runs management, publishing and labeling operations divisions. Desiree Perez is said to be tough and fierce when it comes to negotiating.  For more of Dez, check this.  Dez was able to negotiate Beyoncé’s Formation stadium and helped a big deal in the deal Rihanna signed with Samsung.  For Dez recent timeline activities, click

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Founded by hip-hop mogul Jay-Z born Shawn Corey Carter in 2014, Tidal Music Streaming company has been to the limelight for bringing change to the music industry. Tidal offers music streaming services, now under the leadership of Desiree Perez who is the current Chief Executive Officer. Desiree Perez is working towards making Tidal the most used music streaming platform. She plans on making Tidal stay around for a long time, which means accommodating future changes in music industry. Check on for additional article.

When it comes to numbers, Desiree Perez happens to be the best person suited to dealing with that. This has helped her in closing deals worth of millions during her time in Tidal with various contractors. Her excellent skills in the field saw her help out the founder Jay-Z during his transition from rap music to music streaming. It was not never an easy thing many people can do, but Desiree Perez successfully did it, and that is what led to formation of Tidal in the first place.

Desiree Perez is known to be very tactical in business, and good in finalizing deals that are known to bring huge profits to the company as well as to the artists. Her successful endeavors and involvement has made people to start signing up for Tidal, which previously had experienced massive membership withdrawal. She is quite the real dealer when it comes to the right mindset to grow the business.  To read Dez latest tweets, follow her on twitter @desireeperez01

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Tidal company under Perez has been able to get album exclusives from co-owners who include Kanye West, T.I., Beyoncé, and Rihanna. Married to the head of Roc Nation Sports, Des Perez is part of a collective that runs the entire operation of Roc Nation such as its sections of management, labeling operations and publishing. This collective is also responsible for running the force called Hova Circle of Influence that is behind Tidal.  Related article on

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How Rick Smith Is Leading Securus Technologies

Rick Smith has earned his MBA degree from the Simon School, University of Rochester. Besides, he has a Master’s degree in Mathematics. This is from the State University of New York at Brockport. All this clearly indicates that he has a solid educational background. This is why he has a position on the board of a company called Integra Telecom Co Ltd.Today, he is serving as the CEO of Securus Technology. He is the perfect person for this position. This is because he has the right experience, vision along with the drive. This is why he has been able to move this company forward. Today his company is the undisputed leader in this field of corrections. This is because they are known for providing quality products as well as services.

Rick Smith is the perfect person for this position as he enjoys an excellent educational background, besides a unique skillset. He has an impressive track record too. This is because Rick Smith has worked in all areas that are vital to lead any company. These include finance, operations, along with information technology, as well as business development, besides telecommunications and much more. It is his leadership skills that have managed to set him apart from others.

This company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. It is providing a range of services to over 1,000,000 inmates who are spread across 2,600 corrections as well as law enforcement agencies in North America. Now Securus Technologies will continue its commitment as it provides highly innovative technological services for incident management, along with the emergency response, as well as communications facilities. Other services being provided by the firm are in the field of monitoring, besides biometric analysis as well as public information, along with investigation as well as inmate self-service.

From 1972 to 1998, Rick Smith held several positions. These were with Global Crossing North America Inc. He was the controller as well as the chief information officer here. He was the President at Frontier Information Technologies. He was the Vice-President of Midwest Telephone Operations. He was holding the post of Director of Network Plant Operations, besides being their Director of Business Development along with being their vice president, Financial Management.He moved to Eschelon Telecom Inc. in 1998. He was the chief financial officer here till 2000. Then he was promoted and became company president and later on the CEO of the company. He was able to increase the revenue of the company from $30 million to $350 million during his tenure. It was Rick Smith who led his company in 2005 to a successful IPO. Rick Smith left the company in 2007 and joined Securus Technologies in 2008 as its President and CEO.

Mr. Salvi Rafael; The Chief Financial Officer And Director At Grupo Televisa

Doing business in today’s business world requires a lot of resilience and persistence so as to stay relevant or afloat in the very competitive business environment. Companies must adapt fast and evolve based on the ever growing business market where now only the strongest or the fittest can survive. This type of endurance and developing is what most of the media companies in Mexico have been able to do for the last twenty years.

The Mexican media landscape has been one that has shown such type of resilience in changing so as to be able to stay relevant to the millions of audiences it offers its services. Giant companies such as Televisa have had to improve their revenue generation which used to depend mostly on government based adverts and embraced other means to generate their income. This has seen the companies survive the many trials the Mexican economy has had to endure over the last two decades.

In addition to those media companies that have been able to withstand the changing media landscape, there have been other newcomers who have also gone on to become big media houses despite the very competitive business environment. These new players have ventured into the broadcast, televised, and press with ease and made names for themselves through the provision of quality service that has been received well by the target audiences.

The adaptation of Televisa in the media market world of Mexico has been mostly facilitated by is very qualified CFOs. One such example is its current Chief Financial Officer and Director Mr. Viadero.

Salvi Rafael Folch Viadero first joined the media company in 2004 and through his leadership; the media company has enjoyed lots of success. Before being appointed to this position, Mr. Rafael had served as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Banking Supervision while working at the National Banking and Securities Commission.


Cassio Audi – Music and Finance

A Band is Born

The younger years of Audi Casio were those filled with excitement and fun as they saw him launch a music career as a drummer for Viper – a famous rock band. With four other mates – Felipe and Andre Machado, Yves and Pit Passarel – Audi officially started the band in 1985. As each person played a particular role within the band, Audi’s part was a special one nonetheless – the band’s drummer, a part he played with an exceptional performance. In fact, Audi became a drumming sensation. Viper drew much inspiration from a British heavy metal music band which was dubbed The Iron Maiden.

His incredible brilliance on the drums was shortly experienced by the band’s first demo album release, one called The Killer Sword. The demo album consisted of tracks like Princes from Hell, Nightmare, and Killera; these were later adopted into the first full-length debut album, which was finally released in 1987 and titled “Soldiers of Sunrise”. Audi was seen on the front cover showing his drum set prowess.

Adventures Beyond
The album was well received with many critics stating that Viper was destined to achieve wonderful things in the music industry in days to come. The album later received its four-star rating through none other than Allmusic. As the album grew more popular, the band’s members re-made and re-released it to include some of their earlier songs; as a result, these songs also became a great success.

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Jason Hope Lays Down Some of the Best Internet of Things Gadgets

In this article, Jason Hope illustrates some of the best gadgets that each man should purchase in 2017. According to Jason, some of these gadgets are as follows.

Smart Athletic Shoes

Jason Hope bases his idea on the fact that Under Armour has introduced a new pair of shoes that come equipped with a fitness tracker which is located inside the shoe. Based on Jason ideas, each ideal man should make an effort and get this shoe.

Smart Ice Cubes

Smart Ice Cubes are the ideal gadgets for every alcohol loving man. With this gadget, you can be able to monitor the amount of alcohol consumed. Once you take more than the required amount, the cubes change color. If you happen to assume the color and continue drinking, the cubes send a notification to a designated person who then makes plans to have you picked or calls a taxi on your behalf.

Smart Earbuds

Jason Hope explains how these sensor earbuds can monitor your heart rate, feeling and other physical activities and primarily select the type of music that you deserve to listen to depending on your mood.

Smart Sprinkler Controller

This sprinkler is ideal for homeowners with a large garden. This gadget can monitor the condition of your garden and determine whether or not the garden needs water. The device can also send you weather alerts hence allowing you to stay prepared depending on the forecast.The SENS Foundation is an organization that focuses on finding the cure for various diseases such as Alzheimer which facilitate aging. The SENS Foundation primary goal is to establish ways of preventing the diseases.

Jason has earned a futuristic reputation thanks to his passion for understanding technology and predicting the likely future of technology.Philanthropy has become a bigger part of Jason Hope lifestyle. Jason supports the SENS Foundation since he views it as a way of breaking walls through promoting a healthy and long living lifestyle.Technology wise, Jason believes that the power of the internet is the major player in the growth of technology.Jason Hope is a proud holder of an MBA and Finance BS from the Arizona State University.Jason Hope is an investor, futurist, entrepreneur and a philanthropist based in Arizona. Jason grew up in Tempe where he discovered his desire to learn more about technology.As an entrepreneur, Jason is the founder of CB, a mobile-based communication platform.


Why Larkin and Lacey Fight for Human Rights

Now, more than ever, human rights are so important for the people of the United States and the people who want to live in the United States. Both Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin recognize this and are doing everything in their own power to be able to make sure that everyone still has the same rights that they are entitled to under the U.S. Constitution.

They have fought for these rights and they also know that many other people have fought for them throughout the years of the United States. It is unfair that they should be taken away from them at this point. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

With the current president, it is hard to know what is going to happen from one day to the next. In the past, things were predictable and people were able to live their lives knowing that there were no radical decisions being sent through the White House.

Now, though, this is a daily occurrence and something that just keeps getting worse. Not only are the things that are going on getting more and more radical but more people are accepting them than they were in the beginning of the presidency or any of the other times in history.

Even before there was a radical person who was in power, Larkin and Lacey knew that people didn’t have all of the rights that they deserved and human rights were constantly at risk.

They did a lot of things to help fix this but the most influential thing that they did (until recently) was publish information about bodies of the government that were corrupt. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

They wanted people to know about the things that were going on and wanted everyone to be aware of the problems that were really happening within the different sectors of their own local and even national government.

To further prove the point that even local government bodies were corrupt, Larkin and Lacey were arrested for creating a publication about the corruption in the Phoenix sheriff’s office where they lived at. They were just trying to let people know about the office. They had the right to do so thanks to the freedom of the press but the office had them arrested.

It was an illegal arrest and the case went all the way up the Supreme Court. The men, eventually, got what they wanted and the charges were dropped. They were then awarded over three million dollars.

With the three million dollars that they received from the case, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin chose to use the money to make things better. They wanted people to have somewhere they could go during their own court cases and this meant that the Frontera Fund was born.

It was a great way for the men to be able to help other people and it made a huge difference in their lives. Everyone who needs to use the Frontera Fund is able to get both financial resources and other resources from the fund that Larkin and Lacey set up.