Kim Dao Visits Universal Studios Japan

Kim Dao is not all about makeup and facials; she likes to have fun, too. Many of our American theme parks have foreign versions all over the world including in Japan. Last year, Kim Dao took a trip to Universal Studios Japan to explore the magic of Harry Potter. Kim Dao is promoting the fun people can have traveling to Japan, especially through Odigo travels. She says that the travel bureau has a place to create your profile and include where you would like to travel. Odigo gives reward points.


The first place Kim Dao went to was a magic wand shop like the one Harry Potter went to in the Harry Potter and the Socerer Stone. Kim Dao was able to do many tricks: Ventus, Lumos, Locomotor, Arrestor Momentum, Incendio, Metelojinx, Cistemaperios, and Wingardium Leviosa.


After Kim Dao and her friend Sunny played with their magic wands, they strolled into a candy shop. All the buildings looked like they were from the middle ages when King Arthur lived. The candy shop sold large lollipops, jelly beans, penny candies, and more.


After the trip to the candy shop, Kim Dao and her friend strolled through the medieval village. They sampled some butter beer that is very sweet and has no alcohol. Sunny and Kim went into a restaurant for some Renaissance type food like Shepard’s pie, corn on the cob, chicken, and pork. They strolled through Castlewalk and bought souvenirs like a replica of the owl from Harry Potter.

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Waiakea Improving People lives

In the year 2012 Ryan Emmons founded Waiakea water brand that distributes healthy clean water in many countries all over the world beginning from Hawaiian. The water is consequently purified and also fresh and sustainable; the customers who are provided with water have never been frustrated with the water brand.

The company is recognized to be one of the tops leading among the universe therefore leading to supply water to more than thirty states. According to Specialty Food, the method of the healthy water is sieved first before being filled and distributed via the Waiakea Springs that is full of ironic reserves. The last outcomes make the water so juicy and clean.

The accomplishment of the company has improved the need of water in many countries. The organization has also decided to start a business firm Hawaii to enrich its growth to a lot of countries. Now with the business the organization has increased its profits. Learn more about Waiakea Water:

The workers who work in the company have also committed themselves to constantly improving the water brand to the top level. The Waiakea water and Pump Aid they linked together to create a brilliant water project worldwide. As an outcome of this partnership, the pumps have to be situated and developed in Malawi.

Most of the children in Malawi have attained a lot by the fresh pumps which were established there and as well the society too. The pumps have healthy water and the community can easily get the water. Because of the development of the pumps many children attend schools due to the reduction of water-borne disease.

The water which is distributed all over is approximately 500 million liters hence creating better accomplishment. Supplying water is not the main aim of the organization they also make sure that they help those who can’t have enough money to attend school. Therefore these stages have made their establishment with their products mostly the clean water.

Ryan Emmons together with his staff members are certain that they will achieve more because of the partnership with many organizations. The water is healthy and has clean and natural elements that many people like in all over the world.

Brazilian Backed Government Startup Programs Are Helping The Country’s Economic Situation

Chile was the first South American company to launch a government-backed Startup program on LinkedIn. In 2013, Brazil’s government invested $78 million in 100 local and foreign Startups. The government’s goal was to entice foreign and local talent to build tech companies that could create local jobs and cater to the Brazilian consumer market. The government Startup program and investor backed Startups have turned Brazil into fertile ground for international investors. There are more than 4,000 Startup projects in Brazil, and Flavio Maluf, the CEO of the Brazilian building material supply company, Eucatex, thinks more Startups will enter the tech, healthcare, education, and energy sectors of the economy in 2017. Sao Paulo is the hub for many of these new companies. The unemployment rate and the poverty level have felt the positive impact of these Startups, according to Maluf.

Flavio Maluf is one of Brazil’s most innovative CEOs. Maluf guides his family business to the next level by using digital marketing, innovative ad campaigns, and a customer service department that puts Amazon to shame. Eucatex wasn’t always an international superstar. Flavio’s grandfather started the company in 1951, while he was running the family’s Sao Paulo sawmill company. Eucatex had one product back then. Eucalyptus wood ceiling tiles put the company on the business map, and the elder Maluf took advantage of that success. When Flavio joined the company in 1987, after attending New York University, Eucatex was already an international exporter on

When Flavio Maluf became president in 1997, he converted all Eucatex factories to renewable energy users. Flavio also created a land leasing program where eucalyptus trees are allowed to grow under supervision. Eucatex is one of Brazil’s shining stars when it comes to environmental projects and climate change initiatives. Eucatex is a good example of what is possible in Brazil when there is financial backing and strong executive leadership at,veja-com-o-empresario-flavio-maluf-os-melhores-setores-para-empreender-em-2017,70001657806. Maluf is investing in some of the Startups in Brazil. He knows the Internet is changing the business climate in Brazil, and he wants to be part of the change. That’s what Flavio Maluf does. He stays ahead of market changes.

Anthony Petrello Provides The Level Of Leadership Needed Within The Competitive And Demanding Industry Of Oil And Gas

When Anthony Petrello became CEO, and President of the world-class Nabors Industries, Ltd., oil and gas services and equipment producer, he “brought to the table,” his tremendous mathematical talent and communicative abilities. Anthony Petrello is more than a leader. Yes: he possesses the characteristics of a good leader–however, Anthony Petrello is also an extra-ordinary visionary, optimist and practical thinker.

Anthony Petrello takes a holistic view of the organization, in order to visualize what is required. He is able to get around any outside economic woes by proper leveraging. He forms strategic alliances with other gas and oil equipment providers and servicers. He anticipates client needs, by way of assuring the labor force is provided with the best data, equipment and support.

Anthony Petrello, continually, has the requirements of the stakeholders, firmly, planted in his mind. He never lets go of the need to assure the operator, in the field, is confident in his role.

His mathematical talent, allows Petrello, to easily understand geo-technical surveys; and the importance of well-bore placement–along with any possible margin of error. He, in response, realizes that the proper technology, remains of the utmost importance, in order to inspire operator loyalty and excellence of service.

The preceding text is in brief form: however, as fundamentally compact the descriptions of Anthony Petrello’s role as CEO of an international, world class oil and gas company, his relative understanding of the industry, in general, makes him the perfect leadership “fit.” Anthony Petrello is the leader of choice as it pertains to a world-class industry oil and gas organization–which Nabors Industries, Ltd., truly, represents.


What Makes Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Unique?

Although little is known about the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, the organization has achieved numerous milestones since it was founded. Many residents of Texas know the agency for building toll roads including 183-A and U.S. 290 East. However, under the leadership of Mike Heiligenstein, CTMRA has achieved more than that. Since its inception in 2002, the organization has grown from zero to a $1.8 billion agency. The agency board also pays its directors well, a factor that improves their motivation.


Roadside Assistance and Travel Apps


CTMRA operates a Highway Emergency Response Operator, HERO, which helps stranded motorists as well as ensuring smooth traffic flow. By the end of 2015, HERO had assisted over 14,000 stranded motorists. The agency offers services such as moving damaged vehicles to safety, changing tires, removing debris from travel lanes, and delivering water to the stranded motorists as they await tow trucks.


The app, Metropia is a smartphone app used to ease traffic congestion by encouraging users to travel during the off-peak hours. Another app, CARMA, has a ridesharing platform that connects drivers of similar commutes.


The MoPac Improvement Project


By the end of 2016, the agency was expecting to complete the MoPac project, which is a project that aimed at adding a toll lane along the Median on both sides of the highway from West Cesar Chavez to Parmer Lane. The project was expected to drivers and buses to ease the congestion on MoPac regular lanes.


Mike Heiligenstein in Brief


Mike is the executive director of CTMRA in Austin, Texas. CTMRA is an independent government agency that was created in 2002 with the aim of designing a next-generation regional transportation network for central Texas. Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in government studies from the University of Texas at Austin and received his master in government studies from the same university. Mike has served as the Central Texas public official in Round Rock and Williamson County. Being the first executive director of CTMRA, Heiligenstein brings an extraordinary experience and qualification to the board.


Over the years at the Central Texas public service, Mike has helped the board achieve unmatched heights. While serving as the city councilman and county commissioner, Mike initiated and supervised over $500 million improvement projects. He also spearheaded $ 350 million transportation initiatives that have been commended for changing the dynamics and mobility throughout Central Texas. During the project, he was involved in all the activities including land acquisition, contract management, public presentations, and pricing. Throughout his career, Heiligenstein has been a leader in environmental and public infrastructure causes.

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Bruce Levenson Is Still Busy In Atlanta After Selling Team

The former group of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks Ownership, AHBE formerly known as Atlanta Spirit, LLC is suing their insurance company for insurance bad faith. The insurance company, AIG was obligated to honor a claim that was filed by the team’s former General Manager Danny Ferry. The claim had to do with a workplace dispute that under AHBE’s current policy would have been covered by the insurance company. And AHBE under Bruce Levenson’s guidance had opted to buyout Ferry’s contract at the end of all this. But so far AIG is not acknowledging AHBE’s right to the claim, and it’s promising to become a contentious case in court.

Bruce Levenson recently sold his shares of the Atlanta Hawks to Tony Ressler’s group after owning the team for about 12 years. He purchased the Hawks in 2004 and also served on the NBA’s Board of Governors during his time as owner, reveals ESPN. Levenson is also known founding Unified Communications Group (UCG), a company he and his friend Ed Peskowitz founded in 1977. He had formerly written for the now defunct Washington Star and had become interested in publishing journals for various industries, so UCG started out with Oil Express and soon acquired many other journals. Levenson also became a board member of Tech Target and BIA Digital Partners.

As a philanthropist, Levenson helped start several foundations based in Washington D.C. including Hoop Dreams, the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, and the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland. Levenson is also active with the Holocaust Memorial Museum, an event that’s important to him because of his family heritage. Levenson also supports several Jewish non-profit groups and public policy organizations including SEED Foundation, Birthright Israel and BBYO. He was also part of the Anti-Defamation League’s committee that launched the “Concert Against Hate” event in 2015.

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The Luxurious, Residential Apartments of the Quincy

The Quincy is popularly known as the most luxurious and the newest apartment community available in New Brunswick. Its suitable location together with its luxurious features has enabled the Quincy to stay on top of the market. Whether someone is looking for luxury or excellence regarding amenities, The Quincy is what they need as it caters for all their requirements.


Special amenities available in The Quincy


The Quincy has a fully equipped fitness center containing the top notch TRX equipment. For Yoga lovers, there is a Yoga studio, and for pet keepers, there is a dog park containing doggie gym and a pet spa. There is another huge room set aside for bike lovers. This place is special as The Quincy bike-sharing program is part and parcel of it.

Other special amenities include entertainment and media room, club rooms, coffee bars and grilling stations. The rooftop contains a large swimming pool open for the residents of The Quincy. All residents owning vehicles have allocated parking spaces in the garage which are directly accessible plus other storage options.


The Quincy’s Suitable location


The Quincy apartments are located in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It is accessible on the corner of New Street and Neilson immediately one is off Route eighteen. The Quincy’s location is such that it allows its residents to access all the city’s major attractions quickly. There are also shops, restaurants, and other hangout places the residents can easily access.


Different type of apartments available in The Quincy


The Quincy has a wide variety of apartments to cater for the various needs of its residents. There are three hundred and ninety-three units in total. There are three floor plans, namely the studio, one bedroom and two bedrooms. The prices vary depending on the type of apartment leased. Roughly, their prices range from one thousand eight hundred US dollars to three thousand, one hundred and thirty US dollars.


Controversies surrounding The Quincy apartments


Just like many other apartments in New Jersey, The Quincy has its fair of troubles. Due to the complex nature of its construction, different types of crimes have occurred, ranging from petty ones to serious offenses.


On May 13, 2013, a man was arraigned in a court of justice and was found guilty as charged for robbing a pizza man in The Quincy. The crime incident had occurred the previous year whereby the pizza man had been robbed at a gunpoint while delivering a pizza.


Another major incident was a shooting that took place on 7th October 2015 leaving one person injured. The local police investigated the incident.