Cotemar Mexico and the Mexican Energy Industry

When energy companies are in the sea trying to bring oil above ground ad boost the economy of Mexico, they need all the support that they can get. They will need to be supplied with essentials such as food, cleaning services and accommodation. They also need a transportation service to take their employees to and fro the rigs. Cotemar Mexico respects this need and has therefore developed a channel to help their clients get all they need while they concentrate on their core services.



Cotemar Mexico was inaugurated in the year 1979. For over three decades now, they have been providing the energy industry with various services including accommodation and transportation. Cotemar services are specific for companies operating in Mexican waters.


In the year 1979, Cotemar was established, only dealing with the delivery of two services including accommodation and food. With the years, they expanded to accommodate a larger fleet of vessels to meet the ever increasing needs of their customers. 17 years later, their first big breakthrough was witnessed. That year the company had some big changes where they acquired specialized vessels. As the years go by, Cotemar keeps on advancing. Today, they offer the following services;



Food and Lodging

Cotemar owns over 40 vessels that offer food and accommodation services. These vessels are designed to have cabins that can accommodate two to four persons. The vessels have common areas, TV rooms, gyms, cinemas and basketball courts. They offer laundry and cleaning services and offer great food quality on board. For offshore services, they have an offshore lodging can accommodate up to 4,000 people.


Engineering Works

Cotemar also specializes in construction and maintenance works. They operate heavy vessels that can accommodate heavy equipment such as cranes. This helps them when they are repairing decks and storage of other vessels.


Specialized Vessels

Cotemar Mexico owns a fleet of specialized vessels. These vessels are used for various purposes. Some are specialized for firefighting. Others are specialized to process and transport oil and oil products. In this case, they have vessels that transport purely liquid and purely solid oil products.

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The Untold Story Of How Lip Balm Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick

For more than 100 years, purchasing a lip balm was one of the wildest things to do. As a matter of fact, you would go a long way before you get the best place to purchase through numerous stores. Or all those lip balms you would get, they were always accompanied by a list of complete ingredient in the packages. You would also want to keep the tasteless original if you wanted to get it wider in the plantation states. One of the biggest flaws in the market was the advantage of the flavors associated with the introduction of the mint for cherry.

However, it all changed seven years ago when the introduction of the EOS multi-colored sweet lip balms. This was a new age of development and innovation where these lip balms filled the world and popped up everywhere. They also had a non-critical take over the shelves of Target supermarkets and online stores like Amazon dealing in these materials. They were also adopted to use the Allure and Cosmo beauty areas in the country. As a matter of fact, EOS lip balm were the best thing to happen to the world of technology and innovation. According to a recent media release, the Kim Kardashians were also spotted whipping their balls and their markup bags.

EOS is the full name of the company in acronyms which means Evolution to Smooth, While the name speaks it all, we are also obliged to take the smoothest events in the recent media release. Until now, the founders of the company have worked to speak about the thriving business and how they started the company. For now, the company has an estimate of more than $250 million in net worth through their sales and offices throughout the country. As a matter of fact, the company was also reported as one of the fastest-growing companies based in the United States.


All About Robert Santiago’s Manaira Shopping

Manaira Shopping is the largest shopping mall in Paraiba, a Brazilia, and is one of the largest in all of Brazil. Opening in 1989, this mall is owned and operated by Robert Santiago. This mall doesn’t feature just shopping as it also has such other amenities as a movie theater, Domus Hall where events like concerts are held, and bowling alleys among other entertainment on

Roberto Santiago grew up in Joao Pessoa. He gained his education at the Pio X Marist College. From there he went on to study Business Administration at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. Starting from an early age he followed his entrepreneurial spirit and went into business for himself. Roberto Santiago founded his own cartonage company, which was involved in the design and production of cardboard cartons. With the experience and knowledge gained from his business career he was able to become a real estate developer and had Manaira Shopping constructed. In addition to his business pursuits Roberto Santiago also loves sports and has developed a collection of motocross and kart championship trophies.

Roberto Santiago has developed Manaira Shopping into a destination shopping and entertainment attraction. He created the mall on the belief that by offering a wide variety of fun options, a diverse collection of stores, and providing a comfortable mall would be a winning idea on Facebook. One of his ideas led to the inclusion of a electronic amusement park being placed in the mall. Called Game Station, the park offers more than 200 game machines spread out over 1800 square meters.

A variety of food options has always been available at Manaira Shopping. The gourmet space on Wikipedia was added onto in 2014 and now features food for just about every taste and budget. One of the premier restaurants in this area is Capital Steak House. The gourmet space also features pasta, Chinese, fast food, pastries, and more.

Also inside this mall is a fitness center, banks, and the college of Higher Education of Paraíba. In addition to concert, at Domus Hall there have also been theatrical performances, art exhibitions, fairs, and other events. The mall is designed to give its guests every reason to return, even on a daily basis.

How Adam Milstein Has Managed to Remain Successful as a Real Estate Investor

Adam Milstein is a real estate investor with decades of experience. He was featured in an interview that appeared on Ideamensch and gave a lot of advice from the experience that he had accumulated. He starts out by stating that he started Hager Pacific when he noticed that companies that conducted recruitment drives at his alma mater did not appreciate his skills and experience. Learn more about Adam Milstein:

They also offered him less than what other graduates were making. That is why he decided to venture out on his own. Milstein became a real estate broker for three years and then became a real estate investor.

Milstein said that he brings ideas to life by pushing and pushing until they become a reality. He also does most of the things that he wants to get done by himself. Milstein makes sure that he does not miss any details. He credits being consistent, persistent, and following up as the reasons for his high productivity and high performance after many years in the sector.

The fact that real estate is always a changing industry excites because supply can be high at one time and then it drops after a few years. He says that this is the reason why it takes a long time to see good results when you are in the real estate business.

Adam Milstein advises everyone to work on the problems they have by themselves. According to Jewish Journal, Adam Milstein attributes the success of his business to not setting goals that are too specific because they have proved to be limiting in the past. He does the best he can by working hard and not letting criticism bring him down. He recommends a book by Dana Perino called “And the Good News Is …” that teaches how to change your perspective on mishaps that befall you.

Milstein was born in Israel and attended Technion. This is one of the top universities there. He moved to the US in 1981 to study and became a broker in real estate after completing school. Milstein is one of the managing partners at Hager Pacific Properties which invests in commercial real estate today. He is an active philanthropist. He has supported many charities through a foundation he started with his wife.

Fabletics Coordinates Their Online And Retail Stores

Fabletics has taken on the Internet with beautiful casual clothes, and they are ow taking on the retail world with brick-and-mortar stores. The stores are beautiful places to purchase new clothes, and they help women ensure they have found something easy to wear. This article explains how a woman may purchase from Fabletics in the store or online, and there is a coordination between the two stores ensures customer happiness.


#1: The Store And Online Experience Are Similar


Fabletics has a beautiful website that sells women subscriptions for fashion boxes that ship the best in casual attire. The stores are built to ensure women will find what they need when they are not on the site, and their customer accounts are maintained between the two stores. Customers find the clothing they want in one place or the other, and they will see their purchases noted on a single account.


#2: Shopping In The Store Is A New Experience


A new experience for women occurs when they go into each store, and they will see the clothes they have found online. The clothes they are looking for may exist in both places, and Fabletics allows women to fill their shopping carts in both places. They offer quite a lot of help to women who are seeking out new clothes, and they are offering a shopping experience that is simpler.


#3: The Customer Relationship Is Strong


Customer relationships are now more important than the brand name, and Fabletic has put quite a lot of work into their customer relationships. They understand how to help women purchase the finest clothes, and they give women a simple account that may be filled in the store or online. It is quite important that women who are filling their carts in the store and online make purchases when ready, and they feel comfortable buying because Fabletics does not put any pressure on them.


#4: How Are The Clothes Constructed?


Fabletics clothes are made from luxurious fabrics, and they are soft to the touch. A woman who is working out in the clothes will feel lovely, and she will appreciate the comfort she is afforded when she wears the clothes. She knows her clothes will help her have a lovely time outside the house, and they may use the clothes to change outfits as many times as they like. Fabletics is an interchangeable brand, and women may change several times during the day using only Fabletics clothes.


The Fabletics name is attached to customer relationships that are built through a combination of online and retail shopping. Women use one account to keep track of all their shopping, and they may purchase when ready. They may work out in the clothes in the same manner Kate Hudson does in her commercials, and they may aspire to be as powerful and proud as she is. It is her inspiration that makes the company special, and it is her lifestyle that helps the company push forward into the digital age.

Former Hawks ownership files a case against Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract

The previous ownership of the NBA franchise, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball, and Entertainment LLC has filed a suit against New Hampshire Insurance Company. The lawsuit stated that the insurance company breached a contract involving the payment of claims that were made by Danny Ferry their former general manager.

Bruce Levenson was one of the people in former Hawks ownership group (AHBE) which is currently led by Forbes billionaire Tony Ressler serving as the principal. The said lawsuit does not involve the currents Hawks ownership group.

The lawsuit was filed on 13th September in the Superior Court of Fulton County, described as AIG, and it is a civil action for breach of contract as well as insurance bad faith. AHBE says that they were insured under a policy that covered certain employment-related losses that include, but not limited to, specific acts of Workplace Torts and Wrongful Termination. The court documents showed that AHBE had a given a notice to the AIG on 2nd April 2015 that the claims had been declared by Ferry that it assumed were covered.

The amounts claimed by the lawsuit were confidential, and the undisclosed limits of liability of the policy were sufficient enough to pay AHBE’s claim. The lawsuit also states that AIG has neither acknowledged that claim was made nor the policy has been triggered. They refused to participate in defense of the allegation or accept it coverage. AIG breached the contract by refusing to pay for losses covered without enough jurisdiction, and they do not have any reasonable basis to resist that the claim was not made and went uncovered as well. The suit was also claiming a 50% penalty of the unpaid loss as well as the attorney’s costs.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is a graduate from law school at American University and started his journalism career at the Washington Star. He is an entrepreneur and a former Governor of the board of governors at NBA. He was also a co-founder of Atlanta Hawks LLC which is a group that owns and controls the Phillips Arena as well as the Hawks basketball team. The business mogul is a co-founder of United Communications Group and TechTarget as well.




Changing Hair Care with a Cleansing Conditioner

The purpose behind any shampoo is to clean the hair. The shampoo’s job is to get rid of anything lingering in the hair and leaving it feeling clean and healthy looking. A lot of the time when the hair is being cleaned, it is also being stripped of its natural oils. This can cause many problems for the hair. To solve these problems, more hair care products may be needed.

To rid yourself of a huge amount of hair care products and to get your hair healthy looking, clean and not stripped of its natural oils, a cleansing conditioner may be for you. A cleansing conditioner is a 5 in 1 formula that replaces many of the hair care products you use every day. Those products are a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, a detangler, and a leave-in conditioner.

A huge benefit to a cleansing conditioner is that it will not strip your hair and it is not made with any harsh chemicals. After every use, your hair will look and feel clean, hydrated and healthy looking. This product can be used on all types hair types and all hair textures.

Wen by Chaz is a cleansing conditioner that was created by Chaz Dean. Chaz is a hair stylist located in Hollywood. He runs his own hair studio called Chaz Dean Studio and has an extensive client list that caters to celebrities. Chaz started out in photography and that is what inspired him to go to cosmetology school. He specialized in cutting and color. At one point, Chaz partnered with a company and helped them develop their line of hair products. This is what motivated him to create his own product. He created a cleansing conditioner and cleaning hair has never been, or looked, the same since.

For the latest product releases and news, find Wen by Chaz on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.