Doe Deere Proves Dreams Do Come True With Successful Lime Crime Makeup Company

Doe Deere

For those of you who have a unique talent and hope to bring your ideas to fruition someday, don’t ever give up. Those words come from young entrepreneur Doe Deere. She is the CEO and founder of Lime Crime makeup, a brand that has soared to international stardom, and it all began with a simple dream. Learn more:

Doe Deere was born in Russia, a child who enjoyed experimenting with makeup at a young age, believing in unicorns and fairies and surrounding herself with bright colors. She moved to New York City at age 17 and started using her creative side, according to an interview with

Doe Deere began sewing her own designs for an Ebay fashion store and also briefly joined a rock band. It was there, that she would meet her future husband. Doe Deere liked wearing her hair and makeup to match her style of clothing. Some days, her hair is dyed lavender, and other times it’s pink or blue, like cotton candy. She believes that fashion and beauty go together beautifully, and that is why she needed the right makeup to feel truly put together.

Doe Deere was finding it a major challenge trying to hunt down palettes of vivid makeup, even in a city the size of New York. So, that is when a light went off in her head, telling her, she could do this. In 2008, she gave birth to her business baby known as Lime Crime. She wasn’t one hundred percent sure the concept would fly, but soon enough, the independent makeup brand had developed a cult-like following.

Lime Crime makeup not only allows you to look prettier, it gives you a nice shot of self-esteem. These gorgeous, highly pigmented lipsticks, shadows and eye liners are off the charts. Slicking on a sexy liquid matte lipstick in the strong shade of Peacock takes some confidence to put on. It’s edgy makeup with an “I don’t give a **** attitude.”

Lime Crime has soared to the top, especially on social media and as an e-commerce hit. On the brand’s Instagram account alone, there are more than 2.4 million followers. The cosmetics can also be purchased at famous retail stores like Urban Outfitters.

Lime Crime’s newest product release has girls and boys going beserk everywhere. The super glam Diamond Crushers feature prismatic technology for gorgeous, sparkly lips.

For details, visit LimeCrime.

An In-Depth Review Of IAP Worldwide Services With Focus On Services

As one of the leaders in the logistics and aviation support industry, IAP Worldwide has invested in the acquisition of more equipment that will help the company to serve the rising demand for such services. Since 1953, IAP Worldwide has gone through massive transformation that has led to the rejuvenation of the company and inclusion of more services. Currently, IAP Worldwide serves clients in at least 10 industries and the company is investing more to strengthen its position in the industry.

To make service delivery across different channels possible, IAP Worldwide has partnered with professionals from diverse professions, who offer on-demand services to help their in-house team. IAP has especially ranked excellently in the provision of emergency services on Hoovers that include technical operations. IAP Worldwide offers immediate solutions to demanding problems that can stall the processes of a business or organization.

Facilities engineering and maintenance
Every company maintains facilities that require upgrades with time and this is one of the duties that IAP Worldwide has perfected its art in. IAP Worldwide has been delivering solutions to clients looking to upgrade their engineering systems and others interested in coming up with new infrastructure. Once the experts install a stable infrastructure system on, they also take up the role of regularly monitoring and maintaining the system to ensure the client enjoys a smooth running of processes.

Custom-designed infrastructure
Additionally, IAP Worldwide offers the design and installation of custom infrastructure that is ideal for specific types of services. There are engineers and professionals with experience in technical processes who come in to review the needs presented by clients so they can come up with custom engineering solutions.

Companies that are looking to produce unique goods or offer better services will find this support ideal since IAP Worldwide tries to come up with a solution that is made to specifically serve customers and make work easy.

Cyber systems security and IT support
Businesses that connect users through an online system also have a reason to smile since IAP Worldwide is offering services that are capable of making the communication process on faster and better. These services help in the construction of a strong IT system that is encrypted well to ensure all the information shared is not lost across the network.

Depending on the size of business or system to be served by the network, IAP Worldwide installs software that is capable of sending alerts whenever actions that threaten security are detected. See:

Securus Corrects False Claims Of Global Tel*Link

There are two giant telecommunications companies fighting over a patent right now in federal court. These two companies cannot be any more different and it is obvious who you should be rooting for.


Global Tel*Link is a notoriously bad telephone services provider. This company only services prisons and jails around the country using government contracts to become the sole provider. With a captive customer base, the company runs wild with prices. They hit everybody, including the prisoner and anybody trying to call the prisoner, with a stunning menu of hidden fees. They also charge a prohibitive permanent rate for every phone call. And their telephone service is notoriously bad.


Securus is the kind of company that goes out of its way to provide video chat services to prisoners. In 2016, every inmate across the country should have access to this type of technology. It allows prisoners to connect with the outside world and study show that this connection reduces the risk of the prisoner committing more crimes when released. Securus has the largest customer service call center in the industry and is generally reviewed well.


But Global Tel*Link has taken Securus to federal patent court claiming patent infringement. Unfortunately for the big bad company, the federal court sided with Securus by invalidating 25 of the 27 claims in the lawsuit. To spin the decision positively, Global Tel*Link issued a false press release that was quickly corrected by Securus.


What I find absurd is that this giant $500 million per your company can pick on its competition in court in order to hamper its ability to serve its customers. Global Tel*Link just comes off as a bully that is suing its competition because they have the means to do so. Here’s to hoping that the bully finally loses.


Sale of Atlanta Hawks that involved Bruce Levenson as a Partner.

The former Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, where Bruce Levenson used to control some shares, is said to have filed a case against New Hampshire Insurance Company for not honoring the terms of an agreement that they made. The deal stated that the insurance company should settle the claims made by the firm’s former general manager Danny Ferry.

Bruce Levenson is a businessman based in America who initially owned NBA team. He is said to have been one of the principal owners of Atlanta Hawks LLC that was previously named Atlanta Spirit LLC, which controls the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and Philips Arena. Mr. Levenson has also held a position of head of the board of governors of NBA since the year 2004. He also founded United Communication Group, and he is currently a member of the board of directors of an IT industry media company, which is known as Tech Target.

The case was brought up on the 13th day of September at the Superior Court of Fulton Country. The company clearly stated the reasons for bringing up the case as the insurance company not entirely covering their employees against losses associated with employment such as ending employee’s working contract and any problems the employee faces while in the course of duty.

Hawks was later sold after Ferry and Hawks’ ownership had a takeover agreement on 22 June 2015 to Tony Ressler who also leads Ares Management. Hawks was valued by ESPN to go for $ 425 million, but since Clippers and Bucks was sold it caused the market to improve. The company was bought at roughly $850 million. However, the present day Hawks ownership group headed by Tony Ressler isn’t involved in the lawsuit because the parties that were participating in the lawsuit have no relationship with the present day Hawks.