The Bright Methods Used By Neurocore to treat ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children .it may result to symptoms from mild to severe depending on the individual, some of the symptoms are lack of sleep, lack of attention, poor focus, uncontrollable impulses, low self-esteem and other related symptoms. Relationships and career choices are at stake if ADHD progress to adulthood especially if left untreated. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore Brain Performance Centres have been committed and reliable in providing aid to many characterized by ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Neurocore got established in 2004 by Dr. Tim Royer who previously worked at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital as a neuropsychologist.

In Grandville, Neurocore clinic’s therapy area patients are filled having electrodes on their heads and ears to graph their brain, heart and breathing waves as they watch a movie.

According to Rochelle Fintelman Neurocore clinical specialist, the clinic uses neurofeedback and a brain teaching program with a biofeedback mix as therapy. Which is teaching technology charting patients’ brain activity and how to breathe deeply respectively. A patient’s movie plays uninterrupted when their brain activity is balanced and calm and pauses or shrinks if imbalanced, with time the brain recognizes the pauses and rectifies the brain’s wave.


Neurofeedback has been praised by many for being a useful technique for overcoming depression, stress, and ADHD. As a result focus and attention improves while eliminating other undesirable symptoms like stress. Worth acknowledging is that this technique does not require drugs.

Rising concern was the use of Ten20 paste which is a topically applied cream used to prep the head and earlobes to facilitate placement of the electrode. The cream was critiqued to be carcinogenic. However, remarks of Nick Bolhuis Director of Clinical Operations at Neurocore clarified the concern and confirmed that it was not carcinogenic. By stating that various medical institutions used ten20 cream and the reported side effect was slight skin irritation or drying for those with sensitive skin. He also said that an alternate paste could be offered in such a situation though it rarely occurs.

Neurocore has transformed the lives of many both young and adults and deserves a chance to make a lasting impact. Follow Neurocore on

The Importance Of Ecommerce Personalization For 2018

The landscape of e-commerce has dramatically shifted. The trends reveal 51 percent of Americans prefer shopping online, and each year e-commerce is growing 23 percent. Forty percent of millennials are making their purchases with a voice assistant, and by 2020, this will increase to half. More e-commerce experts are expected to emerge in 2018. Due to AI, or artificial intelligence and ecommerce personalization, finding the right products, beginning an advertising campaign, and opening a store online have never been easier.

Chatbots are becoming smarter, and the growth of blockchain technology is consistent. The market for automated customer service, chatbots, and ecommerce personalization is expected to continue growing in 2018. According to a survey by Business Insider, eighty percent of all businesses expect to be using chatbot automation by 2020. The survey by LivePerson showed 67 percent of consumers have had customer support from a chatbot within the last year.

AI software is powering virtual personal shoppers, ecommerce personalization and chatbots. Personalization has become the future of retail. Consumers are making purchases from companies with shipping and return policies designed to be consumer friendly. Technology is expected to have an enormous impact on 2018. AR, or augmented reality, and sensors are expected to impact the consumers interaction with brands and shopping experience. AS the tech industry continues to become more savvy and user-friendly, both traditional offline and ecommerce companies are growing.

The year 2018 will continue the e-commerce drive towards personalization, and this will affect the buying habits of consumers. Individual preferences will become the basis for most recommendations. A subscription mentality will most likely be adopted by the brands for companies to survive and adpat. The e-commerce market should see an increase in the subscription segment. Brands in 2018 have no choice but to become smarter, measure their ROI, enlarge their content including video, and embrace the technology of AI.

The number one prediction for 2018 is brands will start using unique content to differentiate themselves. Videos are expected to be a large part of this content. The sands of retail are shifting due to the technology made possible by AI. The brands must take a good look at the future to be able to successfully compete in the sector of retail. As the times change, this sector continues to become more crowded, and the changes are evident. Businesses in the retail sector must continue to make the necessary changes or be left behind.

Life Line Screening on a Mission to Bring Advanced Bone Density Screening to the Americans

The technology advancement in the healthcare sector has made some significant changes in the way how the treatment is being provided. In the recent years, preventive healthcare has got greater attention due to accurate, scientific, and efficient screening and medication using the advancement of technology innovation. This is what Life Line Screening, a prominent preventive healthcare and screening provider in the United States, is efficiently utilizing the advanced screening and medication options. Recently, the company announced its plans to come up with most-modern bone density screening choices for the people of America by collaborating with Bone Index, Ltd – a leader in medical devices making.

Life Line Screening identified that undiagnosed osteoporosis is a major healthcare challenge across the world. While coming to the United States, it causes nearly two million broken bones per year that costs more than $19 billion in healthcare expenses. A forecast done by medical experts points out that it would bet $25.3 billion by 2025. The biggest challenge in the area is limited early diagnosis options as bone density scans are generally performed in hospitals equipped with DXA X-ray machines, which is highly expensive for the people.

Dr. OssiRiekkinen, the Chief Executive of Bone Index, confirms that this is where Bindex® becomes a real game changer in osteoporosis treatment delivery. He added that Life Line Screening is a leader in wellness and health services in the country with over 15,000 screening events, and that includes ultrasound screening for bone density and vascular disease. The VP of Business Development at Life Line Screening, Kelly Daubach, says that its collaboration with Bone Index helps the wellness screening provider to facilitate convenient and more accurate bone density screening for the people. He also claimed that no other healthcare screening provider could offer safer, accurate, and simplified tests for osteoporosis.

Interestingly, Bindex® is a point-of-care device that screens the cortical bone density of the tibia. Later, the algorithm set in the system calculates the Bone Density Index, which is a parameter in deciding the bone mineral density at the butt measured with DXA. Additionally, Bindex® is a system that holds 19 patents in countries around the world including Japan, China, the United States, and many European countries. Dr. Riekkinen confirmed that Bindex is a widely accepted system across the globe, and it was used in the osteoporosis screening campaign conducted in Finland – the biggest campaign in the world. He continued that Bindex is happy to join hands with Life Line to improve the quality life of Americans.

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End Citizens United Detail Their Political Targets In 2018

The political action committee, End Citizens United has recently revealed a list of the top 20 Republican politicians it aims to target during the 2018 midterm election cycle. Amongst those listed on what has been called the “Big Money 20” are House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Ted Cruz, two of the leading Republican figures of the last few years who End Citizens United believe have placed the needs of their major financial donors needs above those of the people of the U.S.; End Citizens United believe they have a responsibility to fight against the growing tide of influence over major political parties and candidates created over the course of the decade since the 2010 Citizens United decision of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Political experts understand the reasons why End Citizens United published the list of two Senators, the House Speaker, and 17 Republican Representatives but believe the most famous names will only be challenged on a metaphorical level; both Speaker Ryan and Senator Cruz should be returned to Congress but a few psychological blows could be struck against the conservative stalwarts during an eagerly anticipated midterm election cycle. Creating the list of top political targets by End Citizens United has also raised the profile of a PAC which has become one of the best-performing of recent years after only being established in 2015.

Read more: End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules

End Citizens United President, Tiffany Muller revealed the preparations for the 2018 midterm elections began to take place during the 2016 Presidential election cycle when a series of campaign options were trialed by this traditional PAC. The PAC found its work to aid Democrats during the 2016 elections was most successful when an campaign finance reform message was pushed forward instead of the less successful traditional Democratic elections values campaign used in some areas.

In 2015, End Citizens United was established in a bid to make sure the fight to repeal a range of election finance regulations removed by the 2010 Supreme Court Citizens United decision. End Citizens United is fighting for changes to be made to the election finance regulations in the U.S. which have recently been dominated by billionaire political donors who are seeking to further their own needs and beliefs.

Many political experts believe the chances of reforming the Citizens United decision are slim but the constant raising of awareness of the issue is designed to bring pressure on Congress to limit the influence of the billionaire political class. Accepting only grassroots donations of $5,000 or less, End Citizens United managed to raise over $35 million for the 2016 election cycle and believe the three million members of the PAC will be able to bring in more than $35 million by the time campaigning starts for the midterms.

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David McDonald; What It Takes To Lead One Of The Biggest Food Companies

David McDonald was raised in Northeast Iowa. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the Iowa State University in Animal Science. After clearing from college, David kick-started his career by joining OSI Group Industries. David worked his way to the top. The management recognized his talents and appointed him the CEO and chairperson of the OSI conglomerate. Apart from the plum post he holds at OSI, David McDonald is also an Independent Director of Mafrig Global Foods. David is the also the man at the helm of the American Meat Institute.

McDonald’s management strategies have helped shape the brand OSI Group Industries. David McDonald commits most of his time in projects that seek to improve the agricultural sector of Iowa State. The business leader took part in the drafting of the 2016/2017 Global Sustainability report. This report outlines the key areas that OSI Industries will focus in the future to expand its growth while impacting on communities.

David McDonald’s growth strategy enabled OSI to increase its retail footprint in Europe and Asia. The company acquired Baho Foods to expand its business portfolio in Europe. Before the acquisition by OSI, Baho was a renowned Dutch company that focused on processing meat products and snacks. According to David McDonald, the takeover was part of the plans to increase OSI Group’s capacity to serve a broader clientele. Baho Foods comprises of subsidiaries which are located in Germany and Netherlands. The merger worked to the advantage of OSI because now the company can boast of a comprehensive product portfolio.

Globally, OSI has created its niche in the food industry. The firm is a leading supplier of meat products such as sausages, beef patties, burgers, and sandwiches among others. Its primary offices are located in Aurora, Illinois. Another feat that OSI Group has achieved in the recent days is expansion into the foreign markets. The company is set to reap significantly from its poultry business in China. OSI has established its presence in the Asian country because China has a ready market for meat products. One of the strategies that OSI has adopted for the business to take root in the region is the diversification of its products.

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Overtaking Amazon Is The Aim Of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Brand

The Fabletics brand has a number of lofty goals the Online retail giant wishes to complete headed by the need to challenge and eventually overtake the Amazon retail juggernaut in the activewear stakes. It is impossible to undersell the role played by Kate Hudson in developing the Fabletics brand into the main challenger to Amazon through the use of its impressive lifestyle quiz which explains just how the Fabletics brand is helping people across ten countries to live a healthier and active lifestyle.


The impressive range of clothing developed by Fabletics has been one of the main reasons for the success of the brand along with its use of the largest amount of data possible to make sure every item sold is positioned in the best possible way. Among the areas used by Fabletics as it continues its drive to challenge the retail dominance of Amazon are a range of data collection activities including the monitoring of social media platforms to protect the image of the company; social media also plays a role in making sure the most popular clothing items sold are always available to customers. Data collection options include the use of heat mapping in physical retail stores created by Fabletics has been developed to keep the most popular items in a prime position in this new area for the TechStyle Group company.


Fabletics was developed by the TechStyle Group which began looking for the most impressive brand ambassador available was chosen for the company while still in the planning stages. The first choice of the company was Kate Hudson, an actress who has always appealed to the public for her grounded and affable personality. The social media profiles of Kate Hudson also showed off her active and healthy lifestyle in a way that has shone a positive light on the Fabletics brand. Looking to become the major rival to Amazon has led Fabletics towards becoming an aspirational brand where consumers wish to achieve the lifestyle of Kate Hudson.


The need to develop a high-quality brand was developed by Kate Hudson and Fabletics with the actress believing the focus should be on communication with customers and led the brand to improve its customer service department to offer the best service possible to its growing number of consumers. To Kate Hudson, the need to empower women to improve their lives and become the best possible version of themselves has become one of the driving forces behind her need to develop a Fabletics brand she is proud to be a part of.

The Breathtaking Approach of Fighting Cancer through Prostate Cancer Screening Awareness

An estimated one in every seven men in the world has prostate cancer. There will be roughly 16360 new diagnoses of cancer in 2017 according to American research institute. People who are 40 years old are most affected prostate cancer. To increase awareness in early screening of prostate cancer LabCorp, National Football League and Cancer Treatment Organization of America have collaborated inorder to beef up their efforts.

Several head coaches among them Herm Edwards, Dick Vermeil and Bill Cowher, will spearhead the prostrate pep talk. The talk aims to raise awareness and encourage men to get screening services. There will be press briefing and meetings to be held on late August, New Jersey .Edward a recipient of numerous Emmy awards will host the event and Beasley Reece will be the keynote speaker. The rest of the campaigns will take place in Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa.

NFL and LabCorp have stressed on the importance on being screened for prostate cancer. The screening is then followed up by diagnosis and various treatment methods. PSA tests don’t necessarily give a clear indication of the stage of cancer the type of treatment one should receive. If the screening indicates high levels of PSA, it shows that ne is at a high risk of prostate cancer and it’s advisable to discuss the methods of treatment with a doctor. LabCorp and NFLA are providing free and cheaper PSA screening. Men with PSA levels falling over the range outside normal are advised to seek the services of physicians immediately. PSA tests are conducted by LabCorp, at their centers countrywide.

The NFLA provides funding medicine and other development programs to help members’ live healthy and productive lives. The association consists of coaches, staffers, cheerleaders and associate members.

The cancer treatment Centre of America global, Inc. (CTCA) is a chain of five hospitals offering medical care to adult patients with cancer. CTCA combines advanced genomic testing, cancer treatment and chemotherapy which is more thorough. The treatment is designed to help patients physically and emotionally. CTCA is ranked high among the hospitals providing cancer treatment. The patients who go into the hospitals have given positive feedback regarding the services offered.

LabCorp is a science company that is involved in guiding patients, giving thorough clinical laboratory and drug development services. LabCorp provides delivery services for its drugs faster with the use of modern technology.

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IDLife Cuts Out Negative Experience Of Standing In Supplement Aisle

As if IDLife wasn’t already great enough due to being the most popular personalized nutrition brand on the market but it also provides people with the ability to buy a kit full of their products along with other important resources so that they can make a profit by selling IDLife products to friends, family, and people who live locally around them. Not only is it great that customers can enjoy IDLife for themselves but if they really love the products they can share them with other people who may be looking for a way to turn their health around for the better well making money doing it. There is nothing more successful than a person selling a product that they not only love but really want to help other people by changing their lives around in a positive way.

IDLife is a personalized nutrition and health company that provides prospective customers with a free health assessment to determine not only what their goals are but what they health, lifestyle, and other factors look like before matching a customer with a wide range of products that are specifically designed to cater to them and their goals. For example, if someone is allergic to an ingredient IDLife will automatically rule out any product of theirs that has that ingredient to provide customers with an easy way to buy products without having to check for themselves. IDLife also will match products based on your goals. Another example, if your goal is to have more energy for working out or to stay hydrated instead of losing weight you are more likely to be matched with products for an energy boost and to stay hydrated.

IDLife uses their personalized nutrition assessment to make sure that customers can have peace of mind about products they are buying before actually purchasing them. Without the assessment a customer might have purchased some entirely different IDLife product that wouldn’t even work for them and the goals they are trying to achieve. IDLife also cuts out the negative experience of standing in an aisle filled with supplements that you have never heard of and having to try and figure out which ones you need. With IDLife they just tell you what you need and what you should consider instead of not getting any help if you were to buy products elsewhere like a grocery store. If you think IDlife may be what you need check out their free health assessment on their website.

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World Renowned, popular Dr. Samadi hosts live weekly show

Fans of the Fox News Channel show “Sunday House Call” will be thrilled to learn that Dr. Samadi is now hosting his own show. The name of the show is Sunday Housecall with Dr. Samadi. He will undoubtedly gain legions of new fans with this new weekly broadcast. The presentation is live and the format will be discussions with with medical experts about physical and mental health issues.

Topical and important health issues will be covered of course as well as exercise, diet, mental health and general wellness. Dr. Samadi will host a diversified group of guests with knowledge in all of these fields and more. He will take calls live from viewers, and will be answering questions written in and emailed by viewers. Dr. David B. Samadi has been a contributor to Fox News as a health expert since 2009. He was a Team Anchor on “Sunday House Call” during its five and a half year run.

The new show can be seen online at Facebook, Twitter, and at It will air every Sunday at 12:30pm Eastern Time. It will no doubt be informative and exciting.

At Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City Dr. Samadi currently serves as Chairman of Urology, also Chief of Robotic Surgery. His background is impressive and fascinating. In 1979 he fled Iran, along with his brother, to Belgium and London and then to the United States. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at Stony Brook University and then went on to Stony Brook School of Medicine, earning an M.D. in 1994. He continued his post graduate work at Montefiore Medical Center, trained in proctology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine and gained a Fellowship in Proctology at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2001. Then he heard about work being done at Henri Mondor Hospital Creteil in France in the field of prostate surgery. He earned a Fellowship to mentor there under Professor Claude Abbou in 2002.

Dr. Samadi owns a patent for a robotic surgery entitled SMART. That stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. It is a surgery that preserves the nerves surrounding the prostate during robotic prostate surgery.

Obviously, Dr. Samadi’s main interest is in men’s health. He considers it his mission to educate and help people in this field. His show, “Sunday Housecall with Dr. Samadi” will also examine women’s health issues and every day habits and ways to stay well.

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Bridget is a creative producer and a writer with the affinity for developing and compelling contents that extends across platforms. Both intellectually and emotionally, her projects resonate with the large audience. She is a seasoned executive producer with over 15 years of experience in production, advertising television and animation. Bridget has always been responsible for overseeing the creative development and technical production output of teams in different productions like entertainment, children’s animation, lifestyle, factual entertainment, programming and spanning drama.


She’s currently heading up the content development and partnerships at Colibri studios, and she is involved with daily project development. Scarr works with international broadcasters, creative talent and project partners to bring projects to life. Apart from all this, she does other things as working on her first novel “A FANTASY EPIC” and her first album when she is not in TV project.


Bridget loves the content in all forms and believes that creativity has the power to change mindsets and the changing world we live in immediately. Creativity has saved Bridget together with her partner and son which has given them space for fun and also has pulled them out of deep depths of despair as well as providing them space for fun and new sort of freedom of expression.


Having lost everything, she felt broken and bitter, but she could not lose hope in finding her creative voice and reconnecting with her soul as well as passion and love for music, creative life, and books. Her day starts and ends with meditation which helps her feel relaxed, energized and focused. She takes a light breakfast with family and heads to work. Her way of bringing ideas to life depends on the project and initial inspiration.


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The stories she concentrates on are of real people from different backgrounds, communities, and cultures that make the history relatable and diverse. In her work, she looks on how technology enables the reality of users. Bridget also tries to nurture her creative spirit. To remember what is important, she takes time out to laugh and play with her son. Her son is the source of inspiration and re-energizes her soul keeping her feel lively. Scarr hopes to show gratitude someday to those who helped her out either financially during the time of stress. The loss experience renewed her faith in humanity. She recommends a book to be read by her community that goes by the name: “Destressifying.”